Ahoy Rotterdam 22 & 23 October 2022,

The long awaited carshow of the year that everyone has been waiting for was once again upon us.

100% Auto live, where the best of the best of the Benelux comes together and show their masterpieces and skills.

A packed weekend from smokeclouds to car catwalk.

The outside arena was one of the main attractions from the fire breathing presentation of the Coyote Girls by Speedfactory to Leo Honders burnout madness and the NL drift series demo!

As we roam the inside arenas heading to the Car catwalk sponsored by Meguire Ultimate Car Care.

The Mclaren Twins debut their new addition to family which is the hypercar a Mclaren Senna.


The Low Riders of the Dutch Streets came on display.

One of the best shows om the catwalk was XXL nutrion who came to show their Mclaren 765LT and they held a small contest between the auditions.to see who can held a XXL goodiebag the longest and who did wins the goodiebag.

Chrome cars came by with their private collection of the Fast& Furious collection.

There was also the 2023 on display the brand-new Ford F-150 Lightning EV.

Let’s say it was a weekend full of adrenaline and masterpiece you will see only at 100% Auto Live.

Story & pictures by Willem van Lamoen.