3rd of October 2021
Curacao International Raceway, Curacao

After many events getting cancelled, we find ourselves back at the track.

IMG_0009 IMG_0030

This time around, for a private test day held by DRAC.
Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the main event was pushed back to the 7th of November. But they got around to some of their members and decided to do this private test day for all the paying drivers.


We saw many people turn up and run new personal best times.
A big shout out goes to these 2. Who ran new PB time after time.

Vianny Muzo in his Street legal Toyota Corolla DX ran a 9.31 second pass.
His car is powered by an 2JZ and tuned by Bello Tech

Nino Senior also turned up in his Toyota MR2 and ran a 10.71 pass
His car is powered by an K20 honda engine, tuned by Above and Beyond tuning.

The Sleeper of the year award goes out to Jeanpierre in his Corolla

IMG_0089 IMG_0087

He raced a pretty fast Audi, but to every bodies surprise, he managed to outperform it, time after time. The 3.5L V6 swapped Corolla became a low 12 second street warrior.

We took the opportunity to test out new hardware and setup for our livestream, but confronted many headaches and failures. But we learned a lot and are ready to perform better at the next opportunity.

The nights best ET cars and Bikes received an sponsored award.
Also the best reaction was given a price.

1) Anderson Winklaar Best RT rt 0.02
(Tool kit powered by Caribbean Fastener)

2) Tonchi Nicolina Best ET Cars ET 8.32
(Valvoline oil powered by Tire Tire)

3) Richinel Justiana Best ET Bike ET 7.75
(3x free Nitro Refill powered by Nitrous Racing Performance Gasses by Reginald  Ricky Martis)

We would like to thank our Sponsors for the continued support and also for FLOW Curacao and Bryan Leitu for the awesome internet service.
Check out below the rest of the pictures taken on this date.

Pictures by Gianaro Jennie
Story by Francis Hermina