26th May, TT Circuit, The Netherlands: 402 track day -an open track event- behind closed doors for the pro drivers who want to get in shape for what’s left of this year’s season or for the amateur driver looking for some adrenaline rush! All this on Pentecost Monday.

Text: Benjamin Wefer

Picture: Benjamin Wefer


Circuits in the Netherlands are slowly opening up after being closed due to the obvious pandemic. As there are still some restrictions in place, there is no green light yet for car shows/events. Therefore 402 automotive organized a track day for the ‘Time Attack’ participants in combination with an open session for anyone who wanted to be on the track (of course within all Dutch regulations). The day started with a drivers briefing, where track coordinator; Paul van Stenis explained the rules and regulations to all participants.

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For those who don’t know; Time attack is a circuit championship hosted by 402 automotive, where modified/tuned streetcars (not always) race against the clock to set the quickest time lap within their class. There are three classes; Club, Pro and super pro. weather conditions were as Dutch as it can be. The wet track due to the rain, resulted in slower lap times compared to last year in August.

In the super pro class (no time limit); Ronald van Wooning in his Honda S2000 qualified with a time of just over 2 minutes. In the final session Ronald improved his time with 44 seconds (1:56.250) at 141 km/u and positioned himself in first place. But this is still slower than his win last year here at the TT circuit (1:48.082)

M17A1091 M17A1130

In the Pro class, it was Kees van Elst in his Audi TT who set the fastest time of 2:09.620, leaving Tonny Veld in second place with a time of 2:12.307.

Ban Jansen from BCP Racing is the absolute fastest in the club class during this Pentecost Monday; with a time of 2:15.457. Ben started strong in the free practice with a time of 2:18.924 and backed it up with a 2:16 during warm up and qualifying rounds.

M17A1062 M17A1010

For those racers who wanted some extra training, Build 4 Performance brought their simulator to the track for all to test. This isn’t a game, it’s a real mapped simulator, designed for professionals. Build 4 Performance started in 2014 with their first prototype, but the owners (Martijn van der Woord) passion started way before that. In 2019 former the Dutch formula-1 driver Robert Doornbos tested this simulator and immediately fell in love with it.The four electric actuated cylinders in legs of the simulator can move 150 mm up and down in a split second to match a Formula-1 car. The system is compatible with the simulator video game; Asetto Corsa. And yes for all watching ‘The formula 1 Café ’ TV show on Ziggo sport, it’s the same simulator. We tested this puppy out; and it’s really awesome. Definitely something to ask Santa for Christmas! Just tell Santa to bring his deepest pocket, as this set up (stage 3) shown below cost €26.000, but your get Robert Doornbos signature with it!


M17A0998 4Q6A1035

Overall the 2021 Pentecost track edition was a success, with a lot to offer on and off the track. Unfortunately it was behind closed door and with a lot of rain. But for the ones who manage to race it wasn’t a bad day at track.