Zandvoort May 8 2022,

On a special day like Mother’s Day the American Sunday crew organized the mother of all-American Sunday’s events.

The entire Zandvoort Circuit was filled with Old school to Newer Generation cars and trucks from Rad Rods to just the cleanest simple Hotrods that roamed the streets of Netherlands and neighboring countries like Belgium and Germany.


While the show being displayed from the paddocks to the parking lot before the tunnel entry of Zandvoort there was also a Drag racing on the Circuit and also an American Sunday Parade.

We caught a glimpse of the show and shine where the participants came with their beauties and showed how clean and well build the cars where with a little imagination you could imagine from the cleanest and simple build to the most Rad of them all.

The General Lee showed up alongside the Cuda of the Legendary Fast and the Furious franchise and even Eleanor came by to say Hello to the public.

We saw YDK racing team Brother racing showed up to test the new powerplant since the old “small/big” block that they had called it quits last year at Clastres France. So, they upgrade to a “BIG” block from the same engine builder that build their “small” block.

Story & pictures by: Willem van Lamoen