Race Results *Curaçao Halloween Slammer 22-10-2022 * @ Curacao International Raceway.

Categories: Fantasy: 1. Res Bula Team of Cedric “Cheche” Mercera🇨🇼 2. Fruz Racing of Enio Kwas 🇳🇱 *Light Stock: * 1. TTLR of Sean de Boer with his Ford Mustang 🇨🇼 2. Fruz Racing of Enio Kwas with his Nissan GTR 🇳🇱 Stock: 1. Res Bula Team of Cedric “Cheche” Mercera with his Ford Van 🇨🇼 2. Res Bula Team […]


Resultado SUMMER SPEED WEEKEND REAL STREET LEGAL presenta pa SBR. OUTO BRACKET: 1. Andy Evelina. 2. Jereau Panneflek. MOTOSAIKEL BRACKET: 1. Christopher “Cleo” Soerka. 2. Reagan Torbed. SCOOTER BRACKET: 1. Reagan Torbed. 2. Shandro Lindeborg. OUTO OUTLAW: 1. Pierre Lauffer. 2. Raishel Seferina. MOTOSAIKEL OUTLAW: 1. Reagan Torbed. 2. Caelan Broos. SCOOTER OUTLAW: 1. Shalon Paulo. 2. Remsys Helena. Pabien […]

Curaçao Hotwheels Nationals 2022 Results 22 May 2022

Curaçao Hotwheels Nationals 2022 Results 22 May 2022 @ Curaçao International Raceway. Close pack: 1st place. Kentley Gregorio, “Wito”. Ford Escort. 2nd place.  Anjali Mercera, “Res Bula Team”. Ford F150 Raptor. Best E.T Close Pack Time 1.840 Anjali Mercera “Res Bula Team”. 75 Gram modified: 1st place. Sean de Boer, “TTLR”. Chevrolet Camaro SOKAL 2nd place Jerome Gomez “Krilli Krilli. […]

Tio Pepe Autoshow

10 October 2021Tio Pepe Grill, Curacao This passed Sunday at Tio Pepe Grill, an autoshow was held at the location. There were oldtimers, euro models and imports at this autoshow.From a very clean Ford Mustang that had a blinged out engine bay This car’s engine bay was soo clean and all chromed out. The attention to detail was very high and […]

3 October Private testday

3rd of October 2021 Curacao International Raceway, Curacao After many events getting cancelled, we find ourselves back at the track. This time around, for a private test day held by DRAC. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the main event was pushed back to the 7th of November. But they got around to some of their members and decided to do this […]

Real Street Outlaw 1 aug 2021

Curacao International Raceway, Rondeklip 1st of August 2021 The REAL STREET races organized by SBR went down on this date Here follows the results of that night brought to us by Rignon TorregrosaResults *OUTLAW  REAL STREET August 1st,  2021**SCOOTER BRACKET:* 1). Andyson Juliana. Dial In: 14.25. RT: .381. ET: 14.461@81.18 MPH. 2). Luthmar Dickens. Dial In: 15.30. RT: .169. ET: […]

DRAC Meeting

DRAC di Okt 2020 té ku Juni 2021 Miembro Te na e momento aki DRAC ta konsisti di 80 Miembro di kwal mayoria ta miembro komun (gewone lid) i tambe tin algun ku ta miembro extraordinario (buiten gewone lid) Finansas Aktualmente no ta tur miembro a paga nan kontribushon ahinda. Esaki ta pone ku nos no a logra jega na […]

D.R.A.C. best of the best Autoshow

SAMBIL, Veeris Curacao Weekend of 24 and 25th of July 2021 As it’s becoming a tradition, Sambil Shopping Mall was host to another car show. This time, Drag Racing Association Curaçao (DRAC) held their best of the best Autoshow in order to promote their first racing event of the year. It’s been a while since ‘DRAC’ organized a drag event […]

SBR Presents: Outlaw Street Legal

Curacao International Raceway, Curacao 4th of July 2021 On the last day of the SBR powered drag weekend we get the Street legal outlaw event. After having 2 days of traction for the drag cars, this event will not be prepped! Also we saw the appearance of the outlaw scooters on the track. These 14 and 13 seconds in the […]

SBR Presents: Street Legal

Curacao International Raceway, Curacao 3rd of July 2021 As the weekend continues, more action goes down on the prepped track at Curacao International Raceway. It was turn for the big boys to come out and play. After 2 years it was their time to shine in the 1/4 mile and shine they did. Below the winners of each category of […]