Oostvaardersdijk, Lelystad, The Neterlands, 29th June 2024: Lelystad-haven hosted the first off-road R.C. demo day for big-scale remote-controlled vehicles organized by T.M.J. R.C. and Tuning. The weather forecast was as good as it can be. The demo arena had an offroad circuit, a section for beginners, and a section for freestyling. Several R.C. enthusiasts from all ages and all areas of the Netherlands found their way to Lelystad to enjoy their hobby and share their passion for R.C. with each other, making it a significant event in the R.C. community.

Text: Benjamin Wefer
Pictures: Benjamin Wefer

The T.M.J. R.C. group, led by the experienced racer Tymon Wijngaarde, is a community of R.C. car owners passionate about organizing races with Big Scales remote-controlled cars. The group is known for its numerous events across the Netherlands. The focus of the demo show was to provide the spectators with a glimpse of the most thrilling R.C. cars, share valuable information, and share the passion for remote-controlled (R.C.) vehicles. I was very young when this passion started. After years of absence, I restarted this passion again and want to contribute to growing this fantastic world. Organizing demos allows me to share my love and knowledge for R.C. cars with others. It also reminds everyone that there are countless exciting outdoor activities, such as racing R.C. cars! It was also a day for all R.C. owners to relax and have fun; all types of R.C. were welcome, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

On the circuit, spectators saw Tymon’s four-wheel drive Losi 5IVE-T, a 1/5-scale truck with a 2-stroke fuel engine. Tymon modified it with a 34cc King Motor, a 1107 cfm Walbro carb, a RamAir air filter, and a 22 mm Spur gear. He also modified the steering with an 80 kg steering servo and a 75 kg throttle servo.

Another racer present was Vincent van Loon with his Kraken Vesla. Vincent’s Vesla is a 1/5-scale model with a Taylor 35cc V2 billet engine, a 1257 cfm carb, and a RamAir air filter. Vincent uses Akill racin V2 super spike tires under his Vesla for the best grip in sandy conditions.

Next to the offroad circuit was Team Basher Monkey, a group of R.C. enthusiasts consisting of Rene Schleich, Simon van Luit, Johan Bloemberg, and Sallo Meijer. Their journey started just a year ago, but their passion for R.C., the technique, and their need for more speed opened doors to new knowledge, which they embraced and mastered. They started with 1/10-scale cars and moved shortly to 1/5-scale models. They are currently running several Traxxas models. Rene runs a Traxxas Xmax, but only the body is still stock alike; the rest is customized. The drivetrain, including the tires, shocks, and steering servo, was modified entirely and reinforced. A max5g2 1100kv electromotor propels this monster. If that wasn’t enough, Rene converted his into a 6 x 6 version! They usually do free runs (no official races) with the cars, but recently got bored doing that, so what do you do with such power? Run it against a ramp! Yep, you read that right. The team developed a new passion: jumping off a ramp with these R.C. cars. Their dedication and innovation are inspiring and will ignite a spark in every R.C. enthusiast.

The first offroad demo by the T.M.J. R.C. group had a lot to offer the R.C. Enthusiast. It was a moment to increase your knowledge and an excellent way to spend your Saturday.