Zwolle, The Netherlands 30th May 2024: After building and testing for several years, Shernon thinks he is ready for action. His dream is to compete in Super Street Bike, and he is close to realizing that dream. But, for now, he wants to familiarize himself with the bike to feel how it handles on the track and test its reliability during an entire season. A few days from now, Shernon will commence his journey in the Competition Bike (comp bike) class and attempt to win the British championship! Before going to Santapod Raceway, we took a moment with him to reflect on his journey and expectations for the 2024 season.

Text: Benjamin Wefer
Pictures: Ian Blackett

His journey and dream of running Super Street Bike started before the pandemic. He knew it would be a financial and mental challenge and needed to increase his skills to close the technical gaps. I have learned a lot in the past few years but still have more to learn. But I will only get where I want to be if I spend time on the track and not only in the garage. And I need more than just testing to help me get there. I miss the adrenaline rush I get during the competition! Santapod is a great track and the only one within reach to give me the experience and exposure I need to move forward.

While he is preparing to start his journey in the Competition Bike category, we took the opportunity to ask some more detailed questions to get a glimpse of his expectations for this season.

With two bikes tailored for a quarter-mile track in his possession, the question arises: which one will Shernon deploy this season?The nitrous bike is our safety net,’ he explains. ‘Our primary focus is to maximize the turbo bike’s runs for familiarization, data collection, and to chart our ascent to the Super Street Bike category.’

But what made Shernon choose the Competition Bike category, and what makes racing in this class so captivating? ‘My ultimate goal is to reach the Super Street Bike (SSB) category,’ he explains. ‘However, the current data indicates that I will need to be more competitive to be competitive in Super Street Bike. On the other hand, the data also showed us that it would be too quick for the 8.50 bike index class, leaving me with only one option: Competition Bike. And we know this will be challenging, but we are up for the challenge!

‘Have there been any modifications to the bike over the winter?‘ Shernon shares, ‘No, I haven’t made any modifications to the bike. I simply rebuilt the engine, and it still has its original internals. However, I took a different approach to the rebuild. Instead of seeking someone to do it for me, I sought someone who could pass on the knowledge of building such an engine. Stefan Schmidt (Schmidt Performance Racing) has enhanced my understanding of engine rebuilding. Steward Crane and Michael Piggot (Warpspeed Racing) have guided me on the dyno and taught me how to tune my engine. And Jake Mechaell (JKE Race Works) has been my on-track mentor, helping me interpret the bike’s data and fine-tune my performance.’

‘When will your debut at the British championship be, and what are your expectations?‘ The test runs we did at the beginning of the year look promising, and we are debuting during the Sportsman Nationals, which will be held from 7 to 9 June 2024.  I’m eagerly looking forward to this year’s season and expect to be competitive. I’m not aiming to end up at the bottom of the list, but we will see how far we can go. As long as the team is satisfied with the results, I am happy.’

‘I am deeply grateful to our Lord for his guidance and strength,’ Shernon humbly acknowledges. ‘I also want to express my heartfelt thanks to my family, who always had my back, supported my dreams, and allowed me to pursue my passion. My team, who believe in me and constantly push me to improve, are the backbone of my journey. And, of course, to all the fans out there—your unwavering support is what makes Motorsport thrive!’

Shernon and the Speshi Racing Team will start a new adventure. The Suzuki Hayabusa turbo with a lot of potential is on the schedule. Only time will tell what the future will bring.