TT circuit, Assen 29/30/31 October 2021; TT circuit was host to another Hankook Supercar Madness where all categories raced their final races. Super Car challenge is not only a race championship for super & Hypercars, but it is also part of several other races under the V-MAX RACING MANAGEMENT wing. These are; BMW M2 cup, Ford Fiesta Cup, Mazda MX-cup, and the supercar challenge categories itself.

Text: Benjamin Wefer

Picture: Benjamin Wefer & Willem van Lamoen

It all started on Friday with warm autumn weather, where de BMW M2 class & Supercar challenge raced against the clock to position themselves on the grid for the first race of the weekend on Saturday and the final race on Sunday. The Mazda MX5 cup qualified and raced their first race on Saturday and the second race on Sunday. The Ford Fiesta cup started their weekend on Saturday with their qualifications and did both races on Sunday.

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Supercar Challenge Prototypes & GT: Max Aschoff leader in the LMP-3 class, takes pole position on Friday in his Ginetta Nissan G8 with a time of 1:34.713. Tom Boonen (Leader in the CN class) came in second place just 0.188 seconds behind Aschoff (1:34.901) in his Norma 20FC. Championship leader Bob Herber qualified in 6th place.

Max Aschoff

Tom Boonen

Aschoff couldn’t maintain that first position during the rainy race on Saturday due to a penalty given to him and ended up at the bottom of the list. Eventually, it is Max Tubben (second in the championship) who takes the win on Saturday. Bob Herber crossed the finish line just 1.39 seconds behind Max and claimed second place in his Lamborghini Super Trofeo. With this win, Bob secures his first position and is the 2021 Supercar Challenge GT champion.

Bob Herber

Max Tubben

The Sunday race was won by duo Luck de Cock/ Sam De Jonghe in their Norma M20FC, leaving Max Aschoff and Tom Boonen in second and third place. Already a champion, Bob Herber ended up taking 7th place.


VRM BMW M2 cup; Colin Caresani (Second place in the championship) started the weekend strong at the TT circuit in Assen. Caresani set a time of 1:46.627 takes pole position for the first race of the weekend (Saturday). He also managed to position himself in front of the rest for the second race on Sunday. Duo Lorenzo van Riet/Henry Zumbrink qualified in second place, leaving Duo Jack van der Ende/Max Veels in third place with the fastest ET of 1:47.295. Duo Jamie van den black & Willem Meijer (Leader in the championship) qualified in 4th position (Saturday).

Colin Caresani takes the win during the first race, leading the race for 27 laps out of 30 and setting the fastest times in several laps. Sam De Jonghe came in 24 seconds after Caersani. Duo Vander Aa/Bogaerts came in third place. The leader in the championship (Jamie van den black & Willem Meijer) crossed the finish line in 8th place. With this win, Colin takes back the lead (11 points gap) in the championship.

Duo Jamie van den black & Willem Meijer who takes the win on Sunday. The fresh leader in the championship (Colin Caresani) came in second, and Sam Dejonghe thrid place. Caresani left the grid from pole position but lost the first position to the duo (Jamie van den black & Willem Meijer after a couple of laps. Caresani tried to keep up for several laps but came in too short to close the cap. Who won the championship is still not clear. A protest has been filed against Colin’s car. The race stewards made a decision in which the team appealed against it. Therefore we need to wait until the case is closed, to announce the championship winner.


Mazda MX-5 cup: Niels Langeveld takes the pole position for the second race on Sunday (2:07.189), leaving Dominique Kraan (2:07.514) in second place, who came 0.325 seconds short. Filip Wojtowicz, with a 2:07.605 elapsed time, takes third place on the grid. Marcel Dekker (leader in the championship) started in 4th place on the grid.

#6 Marcel Dekker
#6 Marcel Dekker

Big wins for András Király (second in the championship). Király started the first race in 4th place but managed to cross the finish line first. With this win, he opened the chase for the championship. John Hoogland, who left from pole position, crosses the finish line in eleventh place. Marcel Dekker started seventh but climbed up the ladder and crossed the finish line in 4th place.

András Király
András Király

Niels Langeveld left the grid from pole position on the second race but could not keep up with Marcel Dekker, who took the lead after a couple of laps. The laps after the Dekker took the lead were very excited, with Dekker, Király, Kraan & Wojtowicz very close to each other. Eventually, it is Király who crosses the finish line first. But he gets a penalty from race officials (for causing an accident). The race result is adjusted, and it is Dominique Kraan who takes the win, with Flip Wojtowicz in second place and Marcel Dekker in third place. With this win, Marcel Dekker became the 2021 Mazda MX-5 European champion.


Ford fiesta cup 1st division: Nikodem Wierzbicki takes the pole position with an elapsed time of 2:11.313. Wierzbicki is the fourth who crosses the finish line during the first race. With this place, he also claims the championship in this Fiesta cup division.


After a long excited, and close season, it all came to the final race at TT Circuit in Assen. All competitors gave everything they had to cross the finish line first and win the championship (or get higher up the standings). All winners are now crowned, except VRM BMW M2 Cup, which is under investigation. Now it’s time for a well-deserved rest and start working on the 2022 season!