10 October 2021
Tio Pepe Grill, Curacao

This passed Sunday at Tio Pepe Grill, an autoshow was held at the location.

20211010_160248 20211010_160246

There were oldtimers, euro models and imports at this autoshow.
From a very clean Ford Mustang that had a blinged out engine bay

20211010_155625 20211010_155635

This car’s engine bay was soo clean and all chromed out. The attention to detail was very high and it showed in the total picture of the ride.


Another ride that also was turning heads was this pick up displayed below.

20211010_155458 20211010_160348
20211010_160356 20211010_155451

Apart of the nice designs and custom paint, we really loved the graphics under the hood and in the bed of this truck. Props to the owner.

As always Jan and Zachary were in attendance with their rides.

20211010_155930 20211010_160046

Jan’s Turbo Camaro and Zachary’s Screaming Eagle Firebird are now a standard at many car shows and meets. We may grow old, but we will always love our cars. Everyone with their special one, in their special unique way



Another car that really stood out was this little Datsun “pickup”?!

We will be releasing a video this week out of this event where you will get to see this ride up close and personal.

The Mustang Club also attended the event, but they parked outside due to the parking being already full.

20211010_164308 20211010_164544


An successful event for the Tio Pepe crew. Many rides that you don’t see everyday were at display on this date. We will post a video to our social media outlets about this event this week, were you will be able to see all that went down when we attended the event.

Check out the rest of the pictures out in the gallery below.

Pictures by Francis Hermina
Story by Francis Hermina