Maryland International Raceway, USA 4th November 2021: First qualifying day for the 25th edition of the World Cup Finals and already into the 5 seconds at Maryland Raceway. After an exciting test & tune day on Wednesday, the first qualifying runs started. Not all the drivers could get all the torque to the track; were some competitors set a new personal best, others had trouble getting the car straight.

Text: Benjamin Wefer
Pictures: Theodoor de Jong/Francis Hermina

Outlaw vs. Extreme: Don Burton takes the lead with a 6.052 run at 188 mph, leaving Ryan Hendrickson in second place with a 6.142 at 243 mph. Arnaldo Rodrigues “Venenum” ran a 6.494-second run, which is good for third place. Reigning champion (2019) J Juarbe “El Humilde (The Humble)” who set a stunning five-second pass yesterday, could get the right combination and ran a 6.728-second run and is standing in fourth place. Jose Alejandro “Blue Density” (another Puerto Rican favorite and potential competitor for Juarbe) also couldn’t get the right combination. Alejandro positioned himself in seventh place during this first qualifying round.

Don Burton J Juarbe “El Humilde (The Humble)”

Don Burton

J Juarbe “El Humilde (The Humble)”

Radial vs. Modified: Ruis Rivera stormed into a stunning 6.479 and, position himself at the top of the list, leaving Jordan tuck far behind (in second place) with a 6.783-second pass. Third place was taken by, George Dodworth in his Nissan GTR. George clocked a 7.134 second. Last year’s winner Carlos Olivo (Karma) and some other competitors didn’t qualify yet, therefore, all can change tomorrow!


George Dodworth

Pro Street Bike: Darion Payne takes the lead in Pro Street Bike with 6.686 seconds run at 217 mph, leaving Jason Dunigan second place (6.755-second run). Curtis Brown takes a 6.875-second pass at 209 mph, which is good for the third position. Jeremy Teasley, who won the 2019 world cup with a 6.56 second run at 219 mph isn’t competing this year, therefore won’t defend his title.

#6 Qualifier; Ryan Hable

Super Street: Dennis Nevarez takes the lead in Super Street with his first seven seconds run. He clocked a 7.979-second pass, leaving Patrick Esteves Jr. in second place with an 8.082-second run. Robert Mapps takes the third spot only 0.02 seconds behind Esteves (8.048 seconds). 2019 champion; Patrick Pelchat had some trouble getting the right combination and is at the bottom of the qualifying list (30th position)

Dennis Nevarez ” La Delinquente”

Besides the qualifying runs for competing classes, there were the qualification for Pro Modified exhibition runs. The first five-second run of the day was made by Jose Gonzales (Q80 “El General”). Jose stormed into a stunning 5.58-second pass at 256 mph. Gonzales, who recovered from a crash in charlotte early this year, just won the 2021 NHRA championship. Q80 flew this car in from overseas, just in time for Jose to continue the series! Another stunning run by Iasias Rojas during the exhibition runs, who improved yesterday’s time by 0.02 seconds (5.57 seconds at 258 mph). This Exhibition is turning into a 5.5 seconds fight for sure!

Jose Gonzales (Q80 “El General”)

Iasias Rojas

Hereby are the top 3 qualifiers of the classes on the 1st  day of WCF Import vs Domestic at the Maryland International Raceway, USA.

Outlaw vs Extreme
Driver Make ET
 Don Burton  1992 Ford Mustang  6.052
 Ryan Hendrickson 1984 Ford Mustang  6.142
 Arnaldo Rodrigues  2015 Scion FR-S  6.494
Radial vs Modified
Driver Make ET
 Ruis Rivera  2005 Mazda RX-8  6.479
 Jordan Tuck  1993 Ford Mustang  6.783
 George Dodworth  2011 Nissan GTR  7.134
X275 vs. Hot Rod
Driver Make ET
 Erik Hendricks  1990 Ford Mustang  6.527
 Dom Didonato  2008 Mustang GT500  6.565
 Craig Walls  Ford Mustang  6.845
Warriors vs. Tres Cuatro
Driver Make ET
 Jose Gonzales  1986 Toyota Corolla  6.628
 Eddie Perez  1971 Datsun  6.638
 Josean Colon  1973 Toyota Corolla  6.657
Street Fighter    
Driver Make ET
 Adam Arndt  1990 Ford Mustang  7.166
 Valerie Clements  2005 Ford Mustang  7.247
 Luis Filippides  2010 Chevrolet Camaro  7.295
Wild Street
Driver Make ET
 David Consentino  1990 Toyota Supra  7.674
 Jared Holt  1997 Toyota Supra  7.707
 Ryan Graham  1992 Ford Mustang  7.707
Stick Shift    
Driver Make ET
 Josh Tonski  2007 Chevrolet Corvette  7.074
 Jeremy Howell  2011 Ford Mustang  7.571
 Jose Sanchez  1981 Toyota Starlet  8.079
Super Street    
Driver Make ET
 Dennis Nevarez  1994 Honda Civic 7.979
 Patrick Esteves Jr.  2013 Ford Mustang  8.023
 Robert Happs  1994 Honda Civic 8.048
True Street
Driver Make ET
Napoleon Maltez 1993 Honda Civic 8.012
Jason Marsch 1993 Honda Civic 8.082
Rick Crawford 2009 Pontiac GTO 8.466
All Motor
Driver Make ET
Matt Monday 1994 Honda Civic 9.364
Adam Hall 1997 Honda Civic 9.409
Mike Bowen 1971 Ford Maverick 9.409
Nitro Shootout/True Street
Driver Make ET
 Adrian Alicea  1995 Honda Civic  8.740
 Julian Bello  1995 Honda Civic  8.862
 Albert Ramirez  1992 Honda Civic  9.810
Pro Street Bike    
Driver Make ET
 Darion Payne  Suzuki Hayabusa 6.686
 Jason Dunigan Suzuki Hayabusa 6.755
 Curtis Brown  Suzuki Hayabusa 6.875

Stay tuned for Day 2, the second and third Qualifying rounds! We from The Chronicles of Boost want to wish all competing drivers good luck and most of all have fun!