Circuit Zolder, Belgium 21th July 2021: Supercar Madness, a completely new event hosted at Belgiums DTM home racetrack, Circuit Zolder. An event that doesn’t need any introduction, where the top of the Dutch and the Belgium motorsports meets. 2020 was meant to be the debut for this event but was canceled, due to obvious pandemic reasons. This Year the opportunity presented for 402 to host it last weekend in Belgium.

Text: Benjamin Wefer

Pictures: Willem van Lamoen / Benjamin Wefer


As expected, the show paddock was the showcase for all types of supercars and muscle cars. Supercar specialist KFC-Tec from Germany brought several cars from their private collection, on of them; The Mclaren Senna GTR! As Mclaren better described it. The Senna is an unparalleled track machine and the GTR is freed from all road and motorsport rules! This hand-assembled 1.4 million dollar car has a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine that produces 825 horsepower at 7.250 rpm. Mclaren only made 75 of this model, therefore very rare to see. This GTR blue color is number 40 out of 75!

4Q6A2009 M17A2403

KFC-Tec is a brand new German company (which was meant to open in 2020 but didn’t happen due to covid-19), specialized in working on super & hypercars. They do maintenance, inspections, tuning, and wheel alignment. What makes KFC-Tec standouts is that they also offer a package of car care, car wrapping, storage, and transportation for supercars.

Another eye-catcher from KFC-Tec collection was the KTM X-Bow GT2! This supercar has the legendary 2.5 Liter 5 cylinder engine from Audi and an electric gears shifter with sequential gearbox. One of the coolest features of this car is the ‘Jeft fighter Canopy’ and the camera-supported rearview mirror. It is a little complicated to get into this car, but once you know how to do so, it is a piece of cake!


4Q6A8888 M17A8891 M17A2069

For all the supercar owners who wanted a shot at the track, 402 automotive provided three sessions of supercar hot laps. These were 30 minutes sessions where supercar owners had the opportunity to do some laps and enjoy their ride as it was meant to be!

 M17A2387 M17A2073

As it became a 402 tradition, the day couldn’t end without the car parade over the track with a 5 min display in front of the grandstand where the public had the opportunity to enjoy and take a picture. It was a touch-and-go display moment for everyone due to all the races going on at Circuit Zolder.

M17A2407 M17A2408

If it wasn’t loud enough along the track, the audience had the opportunity to experience 402’s traditional rev battle. Gert Jan Hennipman hosted the rev battle and entertained the crowd. No real competition this time but more a casual ‘Rev what you Brung’. Several supercar and non-supercars left the audience slightly deaf for a couple of seconds.

M17A2367  M17A2262

Without Limits (PWL) and Unique Cars (from Belgium) provided the best supercar experience for the average joe in need to get a little more out of the Supercar Madness car show. For a small fee (small compared to buying one of these cars), you were able to tag along for half an hour in one of their cars or if you dare, drive one yourself!

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera By Unique Cars

Overall a successful Supercar Madness at circuit Zolder with a lot to offer, from limited produced supercar to more day to day models.  Hot lap session for the supercar owners and the opportunity to drive a supercar yourself on the open road. Besides the show, the public could have followed the several races (Ford Fiesta, Mazda MX-5 Cup, BMW M2 cup, Supercar challenge) from the stands.