Ahoy Rotterdam, The Netherlands 22/23/24 October 2021:
100% Auto Live is one of the most known indoor car events in The Netherlands, once again bringing all car enthusiasts back to ahoy for the 18th edition. Three days of music, live demo, crazy burn-out. The event offers more than 250 cars, that were selected based on their uniqueness. A car event for every style; Tuning, Styling, Autosport, Pure Performance, and of course the virtual reality racers!

Text: Benjamin Wefer
Picture: Benjamin Wefer / Willem van Lamoen

One of the latest addition to the indoor car show here in the Netherlands is; The Car catwalk!  The several pre-selected cars drove up the catwalk, giving the spectators chance to see them in full glory. A good time to hear the roar of the engine! From a fully customized Audi ABT to the Dutch Mclaren twins! Well, more or less Trio, because the owners (Herman, Ineke, and their daughters Mandy & Melissa) have tree Mclaren in their garage and brought two of them to Ahoy. They presented the spectators with their 2020 McLaren 600LT Spider and a 2014 McLaren 650S Spider. But they also have a 2016 Mclaren 650S Spider in their collection!

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The catwalk also made place for the new generation racecar drivers. Young driver Colin Caresani (seventeen years old) also display his demo show car to the audience. Colin is competing in the VRM BMW M2 cup and is only 6 points behind the championship leader and with only 2 races left to go. Young Colin spoke to the audience about how to stay focused in life and on the track.

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As it became a tradition lately, the ‘star’ cars from several movies were also the center of attention beside the catwalk. From the DeLorean time machine from the Back to the Futures trilogy, to ‘Eleanor’ from “gone in 60 seconds”. And of course what is a tuning show without The Fast & The Furious Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7 and Mitsubishi Eclipse.

4Q6A9587 4Q6A9575


Demo Arena was the place to be for some adrenaline rush! The boys from the Falken drift team gave the audience some rush.
Remmo Niezen with his BMW Z4 GTR, Rick van Goethem in the BMW M5 Drifttaxi and Rohan van Riel in his new BMW M6 smoked the place.
For a small amount, the spectators got the opportunity to tag along during the drift demo.

Besides drift cars, the bike drifters were also well represented. Several drifter together with the boys from Most Wanted Troublemakers team stole the show during the 100% life weekend.


Among them quarter mile racers Reangelo Bentura ‘El Patron’ with his Suzuki GSX-R 1000.

For the ones looking for more peace and quiet, you had around 30.000m2 of space to admire Europe best of best in Tuning, Supercars, Autosport, American cars & Performance car. Some eye catchers were this 1932 Ford Coupe with a 350 blown engine or the known fully electric Volkswagen Polo who won best of show back in 2019, still a beauty to see. Also this nineties Peugeot 106 dropped to the floor was something you didn’t want to miss.

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The 17th edition of 100% Auto live wasn’t organized for the first time since first organized due to the pandemic. This year, 402 automotive continues the legacy. 30.000 visitors car enthusiasts found their way to Ahoy Rotterdam last weekend. It proves that there is still life in this great indoor car show. The next edition is already planned! Make sure you keep your agenda empty in October 2022 for the next edition of 100% auto Live!

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Check out in the gallery below for more awesome pictures of this event.