Crown Automotive, Curacao 17th April 224: As the beloved Mustang celebrated its 60th anniversary last Wednesday, Crown Automotive Curacao (local Ford Dealer) and Mustang Club Curacao, together with Wabi Club (Antique cars of Curacao and oldest club on the island), pillars of the Mustang community in Curacao, stood tall in their tribute to this milestone with an exclusive (Mustang owners only) car meeting. It was a momentous occasion to interact with other Mustang owners and take the time to pause and reflect on the rich history of Ford and the 60th anniversary of the Mustang nameplate worldwide and locally. 

Text: Benjamin Wefer
Picture: Gianaro Jannie

Crown Automotives is a Car Dealer in Curaçao that entered the market in March 2004. It is the official Hyundai and Ford dealer on the island and sells passenger cars, trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles. Crown Automotive showroom and parking lot were converted into a Mustang paradise for this celebration. Director Dorego gave the opening speech, touching base on the early beginnings of Ford Motor Company and the initial launch of the Ford Mustang and its following generations. The dealer also arranged a 1930 Ford Model-A coupe for the occasion. 

Jean-Paul Nicasia, current president of the Mustang Car Club Curacao, also stood still on the remarkable achievement by Ford during his speech and emphasized that Mustang drivers are considered a family and invited the community of Curacao to the Sambil shopping mall for an extended celebration. 

When Ford launched the Mustang on 17 April 1964, initial sales were projected to reach only 100,000 units in the first year. However, they surpassed expectations, exceeding 400,000. Ford sold one million units in just two years and produced its 10th million Mustang in 2018. The Mustang, the longest-produced car in American History, has been embraced by car enthusiasts worldwide, creating a global community of Mustang lovers. This community extends to our island, with more than 300 registered Mustangs and, a number that will continue to grow in the future, making us a part of this global celebration.