Mechanicsville, Maryland, USA,  5th November 2023: After five qualification runs (over three days), it was time to race at Maryland Raceway! Some teams had an easy night, and others were busy repairing or making the final modifications. The weather conditions remained the same as in previous days. Spectators were thrilled by several close races during elimination. The Winners of the 27th annual Haltech World Cup finals are Mark Benston (OVE), Derrick Santiago (RVM), Laferrier (XVH), Brett Lasala (WVT), Cleetus McFarland (STK), Jon Lund (SF), Ronny Rhodes (WS), Patrick Estevez jr. (SS), Steven Zsigray (MS), Teddy Weaver (AM) & Mark Rendeluk in Pro street bike (PSB).

Text Benjamin Wefer
Pictures Theodoor de Jongh

Mark Benston takes the win home in Outlaw vs. Extreme (OVE) and takes home a 20K dollar check. Benston Qualified in the third position (5.752 seconds at 254 mph) but was pushing his 2002 Chevrolet Camaro during elimination by improving his time with every run. Benston met John Odom (fourth qualifier) in the final race, where Benston had a slower reaction time (0.093 for Benston against 0.080 seconds for Odom) at the start, his 5.697-second run at 254 mph, was too quick for Odom (5.813-second at 243 mph). Top Qualifier Rafael Famania improved the world record to a 5.552-second at 264 MPH in the quarter-finals but got eliminated by John Odom in the semi-finals.

Derrick Santiago takes the win in Renegade vs. Modified (RVM). Santiago Qualified in the second position (5.866 seconds at 237 mph) and started elimination with a solo run, as Ryan Summit (number 15 qualifier) suffered technical problems. The final race went between Santiago and Ty Kasper. Santiago was very sharp at the tree (0.030-second reaction time vs. 0124-second for Kasper) and clocked a 5.953-second run at 236 mph against a 9.480 second for Kasper. Top Qualifier Carl Brunet got eliminated in the half-final by Ty Kasper.

Warrior vs. Tres Cuarto (WVT) is won by Brett Lasala. Lasala also starts elimination with a solo run, as Keith Ohanesian didn’t manage to race. The final race went between Lasala and Jamil Negron. Lasala was slower on three (0.120 second reaction time vs 0.047 for Negron) but clocked a 6.486-second run at 225 mph against a 6.865-second run for Negron. The 6.486 was the fastest for Lasala over the weekend. Top Qualifier Keith Rhae got eliminated during the second elimination round.

Cleetus McFarland takes the win in Stick Shift (STK). McFarland was the man to beat in Stick Shift and met Ryan Pederson in a close race during the final round. McFarland had a 0.080-second reaction time vs. 0236 seconds for Pederson and clocked a 7.235-second run to take the win (Pederson ran a 7.563-second run at 149 mph). With this win, McFarland takes a check of 10K dollars home.

Teddy Weaver prolonged his title during the 27th annual Haltech World Cup finals in the All Motor Category. Weaver started the weekend strong by taking the top qualifying position (9.223 seconds at 146 mph) already in Q1 on Friday. And he didn’t give it away! Weaver had a bye run in the first elimination round and knocked out Adam Hall in the second round. The 3rd elimination round would have been a close race between Weaver and Vincent Dastra (9.260 for Weaver against 9.412 for Dastra). Unfortunately, Dastra left the tree early and gave the race away. The final race went between Weaver and Ronnie Hackelton. But Weaver won this as Hackelton couldn’t finish the race.

Mark Rendeluk had the right combination and won Pro Street Bike (PSB). After qualifying first with a 6.367-second run at 233 mph, Rendeluk met Jordan Haase in a side-by-side run in the first elimination round (6.552-second run for Rendeluk vs. a 6.538 second for Haase). The final race went between Rendeluk and Jason Dunigan (last year’s winner). Rendeluk drove his Suzuki Hayabusa in 6.482-second at 229 mph but won this at the start as Dunigan left the tree early and gave the race away.

The 27th annual Haltech World Cup finals is a fact! A sold-out event with over 200.000 us dollars in price (divided over the twelve categories). We from The Chronicles of Boost want to congratulate all winners.