27th Annual Haltech World Cup finals – Day-4 [Finals]

Mechanicsville, Maryland, USA,  5th November 2023: After five qualification runs (over three days), it was time to race at Maryland Raceway! Some teams had an easy night, and others were busy repairing or making the final modifications. The weather conditions remained the same as in previous days. Spectators were thrilled by several close races during elimination. The Winners of the […]

27th Annual Haltech World Cup finals – Day-3

Mechanicsville, Maryland, USA,  4th November 2023:Qualifications continue on the third and last qualification day at Mechanicsville, Maryland. All teams gave everything they had to put themselves in the best positions on the qualification list or meet the bump spot. Also, today’s track/weather conditions resulted in several improvements in elapsed time and speed. The top Qualifiers after five rounds of qualifications […]

27th Annual Haltech World Cup finals – Day-2

Mechanicsville, Maryland, USA,  3rd November 2023: Qualifications continue on the second day here at Mechanicsville, Maryland. The weather was cold (40 degrees F) but dry, with shining sun. Six out of tweleve made it through the third qualification rounds. The other categories only did one qualification round. The track/weather conditions resulted in several improvements in elapsed time and speed. Soon, […]

27th Annual Haltech World Cup finals – Day-1

Mechanicsville, Maryland, USA,  2nd November 2023: It’s November, so all teams are headed to Maryland Raceway in Mechanicsville, Maryland, for the 27th annual Haltech World Cup Finals. The five-day event started on Wednesday with tune and test and will continue until Sunday, November 5th. Over three hundred racers from several countries will compete against each other. There are also two […]


With its unique character, the figure-8 Formula DRIFT course created from the Orlando Speedworld banked oval track challenges the drivers to explore the limits of the track while anticipating the bumps caused when leaving and rejoining the banking. Equally challenging was the weather, which provided plenty of distractions during the weekend. Thrown into this cauldron were the Formula DRIFT Link […]


EVENT DETAILS Date: Saturday, May 7, 2022 Location: Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, Atlanta, GA Event: Formula DRIFT PRO Championship Round 2: AutoZone Road to the Championship presented by TYPE S RESULTS FROM FD PRO ROUND 2  

World Cup Finals -Import vs Domestic 2021 [Day-4 Finals]

Maryland International Raceway, USA 7th November 2021: It’s Sunday, meaning race time! After some record-breaking qualifications round, it’s time for the truth; Elimination! most reigning champions and ‘heavy hitters’ were already eliminated in the first round. but the heat was still on till the end. Text: Benjamin WeferPictures: Theodoor de Jong/Francis Hermina Manny Bubinga wins Outlaw vs. Extreme. This year’s […]

World Cup Finals -Import vs Domestic 2021 [Day-3 Final Qualifying rounds]

Maryland International Raceway, USA 6th November 2021: The qualifications rounds continue during the 25th edition of the Import vs. Domestic. Still, the temperature is giving competitors hard time. Therefore, some qualification rounds were canceled and went straight to the ladder.  Text: Benjamin WeferPictures: Theodoor de Jong/Francis Hermina No changes in the top 3 of Outlaw vs. Extreme (OVE). Manny Bubinga […]

World Cup Finals -Import vs Domestic 2021 [Day-2 Qualifying-2/3]

Maryland International Raceway, USA 5th November 2021: After an exiting first qualification rounds, the rounds continued, so competitors had the time the either improve their times or maintain their spot on the qualification list. A lot of competitors experience some hard time keeping their car on temperature, due to the low temperature. Therefore not all categories have run their third […]

World Cup Finals -Import vs Domestic 2021 [Day-1 Qualifying-1]

Maryland International Raceway, USA 4th November 2021: First qualifying day for the 25th edition of the World Cup Finals and already into the 5 seconds at Maryland Raceway. After an exciting test & tune day on Wednesday, the first qualifying runs started. Not all the drivers could get all the torque to the track; were some competitors set a new personal […]