Maryland International Raceway, USA 7th November 2021: It’s Sunday, meaning race time! After some record-breaking qualifications round, it’s time for the truth; Elimination! most reigning champions and ‘heavy hitters’ were already eliminated in the first round. but the heat was still on till the end.

Text: Benjamin Wefer
Pictures: Theodoor de Jong/Francis Hermina

Manny Bubinga wins Outlaw vs. Extreme. This year’s World Cup Final was all about the American Muscle and the top five qualifiers met each other in the second round and the Half final.

In this 25th edition of the World Cup Final, Bubinga had the right combination and stormed over the finish line in 5.867 seconds against Gemelos-Ramos (First elimination round). Got a Bye-run in the second round a clocks another five-second (5.750 seconds) run against R Hendrickson in the half final. On the other side of the ladder, Don Burton was beating the competition too. He also wins with a five-second run (5.838 seconds) in the second elimination round against King Graduado-Mart. Manny Bubinga and Don Burton met each other in the final round. Eventually is Bubinga who takes the win.

Manny Bubinga Don Burton

Radial vs. Modified 2021 is won by Andy Manson! The Number sixth qualifier kept it together on the ladder, by winning the first elimination round and taking out the number three qualifier (Raul Acevedo, who ran a 7.102-second run) in the second round with a 6.556 at 214 mph. Bill Lutz (number one qualifier) was also doing good on the ladder and was running steadily in the 6.6 seconds.  Another category where the final went between two American Muscle (Ford vs. Chevrolet) as Bill Lutz and Andy Manson met each other in the final round. Bill wasn’t any match for Andy’s powerful 1996 Ford Mustang.

Andy Manson

X275 vs. Hot Rod: Mike Cerminaro takes the big win on Sunday!  Also in this category, the imports came in short. Cerminaro who qualified in fourth place had all what’s needed to make it to the finish line.  He was running 6.4 seconds most part of the ladder and has an easy win on top qualifier Dom Didonato (Didonato didn’t show up at the starting line). On the other side of the ladder was David Farlow, who was beating the competition. He was running 6.6 during elimination and went into the final against Cerminaro. Unfortunately, also David Farlow didn’t show up at the starting line and gave away the win to Cerminaro.

David Farlow

Import win in Warrios vs. Tres Cuarto, as Jose Conzalez takes it all! Jose (number one qualifier) had an easy start as George Dodworth didn’t show up during the first elimination round. But showed the remaining competitors that he ain’t going down without a fight, by running a 6.393 second run against Fred house during the second and third elimination rounds. Carlos Olivo ‘Jaylian’ also had the right combination and made it to the final race where he met Jose Gonzales.

Jose Gonzalez

Pro Street Bike: it is Rodney Williford who takes the win and extends his 2021 winning streak at Maryland International Raceway! Rodney took the number one spot already in the second qualification round and has maintained it through all qualification rounds. Williford takes out Ryan Bonitatis with a 6.541 second run at 224 mph. continues running 6.5 during the whole elimination (also won with a 6.451 second over Greg Wallace). Darion Payne was on the other side of the ladder beating all competition too. Greg met Williford in the final but wasn’t any match against for Williford’s 0.039 reaction time and 6.5 seconds run at 225 mph.

Rodney Williford

Here an overview all the winners

Outlaw vs Extreme
  Driver Make ET
Winner Manny Buginga 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra 10.298
Runner-up Don Burton 1992 Ford Mustang No Time
Radial vs Modified
  Driver Make ET
Winner Andy Manson 1997 Ford Mustang 6.458
Runner-up Bill Lutz 1967 Chevrolet Camaro 15.225
X275 vs. Hot Rod
  Driver Make ET
Winner  Mike Cerminaro 2002 Pontiac Trans-Am 8.200
Runner-up David Farlow 1985 Ford Mustang 9.114
Warriors vs. Tres Cuatro
  Driver Make ET
Winner  Jose Gonzales  1986 Toyota Corolla  6.536
Runner-up Carlos Olivo ‘Jaylian’ 1989 Toyota Starlet 9.935
Street Fighter
  Driver Make ET
Winner  Louis Filippides 2010 Chevrolet Camaro 7.018
Runner-up Valerie Clements 2005 Ford Mustang 7.066
Wild Street
  Driver Make ET
Winner  David Consentino 1990 Toyota Supra 7.660
Runner-up Ryan Graham 1992 Ford Mustang 7.768
Stick Shift
  Driver Make ET
Winner  Josh Tonski 2007 Chevrolet Corvette  7.174
Runner-up  Jonathan Atkins 1997 Chevrolet Camaro  14.624
Super Street
  Driver Make ET
Winner Patrick Estevez Jr. 2013 Ford Mustang 7.874
Runner-up Bill Putnam 1994 Ford Mustang 7.737
True Street
  Driver Make ET
Winner Nichole Elff 1992 Honda Civic 15.525
Runner-up Jason Marsch 1993 Honda Civic No time
All Motor
  Driver Make ET
Winner Adam Hall 1997 Honda Civic 9.357
Runner-up Keith Vaugh 1987 Chevrolet Corvette 9.474
Nitro Shootout/True Street
  Driver Make ET
Winner Carlos Olivo 1996 Honda Civic 8.150
Runner-up Mahmmoud Aglan 1992 Honda Civic 8.822
Pro Street Bike
  Driver Make ET
Winner  Rodney Williford  2021 Suzuki Hayabusa 6.572
Runner-up Darion Payne 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa 7.099

Another successful weekend was held at the Maryland International Raceway in the USA. The 25th anniversary of the World Cup Final – Import vs. Domestic is a fact! We from The Chronicles of boost want to congratulate all winners. To the rest of the racers; keep a positive mindset, every journey is a learning moment, come back next time and beat the competition!