Behind Staging Lane with Sandro Bellio & Danny’s Racing Team

Belgians are famous for their chocolate, waffles, and beer. The Belgians have also proven to be successful in auto racing. Take the Formula 1 as an example. It is a pity that Belgian race drivers are not the first to cross your mind here in Europe when talking about quarter-mile racing. But there are several Belgian racers active in drag […]

27th Annual Haltech World Cup finals – Day-4 [Finals]

After five qualification runs (over three days), it was time to race at Maryland Raceway! Some teams had an easy night, and others were busy repairing or making the final modifications. The weather conditions remained the same as in previous days. Spectators were thrilled by several close races during elimination. The Winners of the 27th annual Haltech World Cup finals […]

27th Annual Haltech World Cup finals – Day-3

Mechanicsville, Maryland, USA,  4th November 2023:Qualifications continue on the third and last qualification day at Mechanicsville, Maryland. All teams gave everything they had to put themselves in the best positions on the qualification list or meet the bump spot. Also, today’s track/weather conditions resulted in several improvements in elapsed time and speed. The top Qualifiers after five rounds of qualifications […]

27th Annual Haltech World Cup finals – Day-2

Mechanicsville, Maryland, USA,  3rd November 2023: Qualifications continue on the second day here at Mechanicsville, Maryland. The weather was cold (40 degrees F) but dry, with shining sun. Six out of tweleve made it through the third qualification rounds. The other categories only did one qualification round. The track/weather conditions resulted in several improvements in elapsed time and speed. Soon, […]

27th Annual Haltech World Cup finals – Day-1

Mechanicsville, Maryland, USA,  2nd November 2023: It’s November, so all teams are headed to Maryland Raceway in Mechanicsville, Maryland, for the 27th annual Haltech World Cup Finals. The five-day event started on Wednesday with tune and test and will continue until Sunday, November 5th. Over three hundred racers from several countries will compete against each other. There are also two […]

Supercar Madness TT Circuit (Car Show)

402 Automotive closed its Dutch calendar with the traditional Supercar Madness car show, combined with the VRM final races for the Supercar Challenge, BMW M2, Mazda MX5, and Ford Fiesta Cup. Supercar Madness car show attracts several car enthusiasts as it is known for being an exhibition for Europe’s most extreme and rare supercars, Drag Racing, rev battles, a car […]

100% Auto Live 2023

Forty thousand car enthusiasts found their way to Ahoy last weekend for the eighteen editions of the 100% Auto Live (Former 100% Tuning). This car show changed its name, shape, and organization in the last two decades, but not its location or date (always in October). For this year’s edition, 402 Automotive selected more than four hundred vehicles (cars & […]

Speshi Racing Team is Back!

Santapod UK/Zwolle, The Netherlands 20th October 2023: Santapod Raceway was again host to another Straightliners event. Straightliner organization organizes straight-line events, drag racing, and motorsport for anything on wheels, from motorbikes to supercars. The focus lies on beginner racers. It’s also a moment for several veteran racers to do their last testing before the winter period. The weather gods were […]

Behind the Steering Wheel of the Lexus NX450h+

Groningen, The Netherlands 16th October 2023: Lexus introduced the NX in 2014 as a Mid-size or MIDI SUV. Almost ten years later, Lexus rejuvenated the NX by giving the second generation a new design, platform, and engine. And thus bringing it on par with modern tastes and ensuring its future for the coming generations. Auto Drenthe Groningen Group allowed us […]

Winner Circle Deutscher Motor Sport Bund DRP Championship

The 2023 Deutscher Motor Sport Bund Drag Racing Pokal or Cup (DSMB DRP) has ended, with fewer races this year than usual (only three rounds instead of five. One in June, One in July, and one in August). There was no room for error! This year’s champions are Frank Romer, Maurice Heller, Gerd Habermann & Stephan Blauwitz. Text Benjamin Wefer […]