TT Circuit, Assen, The Netherlands 19th May 2024:TT Circuit Assen again set the stage for the thrilling Supercar Madness event. As a tradition, thousands of petrolheads headed to Assen on Pentecost Sunday, eager to witness the spectacle of the most exotic super/hypercars on the track or paddock. The excitement reached new heights this year, with the Koenigsegg Jesko making its public track debut. The event was a feast for the senses, featuring drag races, supercar hot laps, rev battles, and the much-anticipated reveal of Enzo Knol’s latest additions to his garage. The weather gods smiled upon us, ensuring a perfect day with clear skies and no rain.

Text: Benjamin Wefer
Pictures: Luisa Blonk & Deacon

Once again, the TT circuit paddock was a Car Valhalla. The paddock was divided into the Supercar Madness and Auto Madness areas. The Auto Madness area was a haven for all types of cars, catering to every taste and preference, while the Supercar Madness area was the place to be for admiring supercars. There was a car model for every taste, from daily vehicles like the Ford Focus to Ferraris and Nissan GTRs. At the Proud Wheels stage, car owners could sign up for the best-of-show contests and rev battles.

One of the eyecatchers was the Pagani Huayra BC Roadster, a masterpiece brought by Soujon Supercars. Soujon, a German Car Collector with an impressive collection of Iqonic supercars, chose to showcase their Huayra at Assen. This limited-to-only 40-unit beast is powered by a twin-turbo V12 engine from Mercedes-AMG, delivering a staggering 754 horsepower and 1000 N.m of torque. Its performance on the track was a sight to behold, leaving the audience in awe of its power and precision, a feeling that only true car enthusiasts can understand. 

Also, YouTuber Enzo Knol was present at Supercar Madness to give his fans a glimpse of his new car. After having his previous Lamborghini Urus for a while, Knol decided it was time for a new one. It was an excellent moment to upgrade the collection to a Lamborghini Urus S tuned by the German tuner Mansory, including a Mansory Venatus body kit. 

As it became a tradition during a car event organized by 402 Automotive, car owners could take a shot at the track during the hot lap sessions. It was a perfect time for the public to admire unique supercars like a Mercedez-Benz AMG GT Coupe Black series, a Mclaren 600 LT spider, a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, or the Koenigsegg Jesko.

And for the adrenaline seekers, Supercar Madness had drag races! This time, there was no timing system, just good old-school races, where race master Leo Honders gave the competitors the start signal. There was no official competition today, but everybody wanted a chance to race the Notorious Honda Civic tuned by Sneaky Tuning, named Goldy. Once again, quarter-mile racer Maruli van Haastert showed the crowd that he could compete on all terrains (race track or non-prep) and at any level!

Next to the cars, it was also a Sunday Funday for the street twin battle competitors. This championship, organized by retired Top Fuel Bike Rider Gert-Jan Laseur, consists of five rounds, and everybody can compete as long as they are riding a Harley Davidson bike. Twelve participants lined up at the start line and tested their bikes for the next round in Breda during the next edition of Hart voor Autos. 

And what’s a car event without some smoke? Leo, ‘The Burn Out Legend’ Honders, gave the crowd some of the wickest, smokiest burn-out they ever saw. Again, he continued even after the tires caught fire!

The Supercar Madness car show had a lot to offer. Exquisite supercars, thrill drag races, supercar hot laps, and the reveal of Enzo Knol’s new ride made it a car show for the history books.