Curacao International Raceway, Curacao 26-28 April 2024: After a test and tune day, followed by the qualifications, it was time to race! Some teams had some easy nights, and others were busy repairing or making the final modifications for the eliminations during the Pinks All Out weekend at the Curacao International Raceway. The weather conditions were perfect the whole weekend, dry and sunny. Spectators were thrilled by several close races in several classes, with participants from Curacao, Aruba, Venezuela & the United States. The Pinks All Out cars winners are Senthley Martine (Extreme Import), Alex Rozier  (Pro Crazy 7), Alex Rozier (Krioyo Bracet), Johnny de Paula (Super Gas), David Tannelek (ET Bracket), David Tannelek (FWD) & Issachar Look (Junior Dragster). The bike category winners are Rodney Williford (Outlaw Bike), Jayden Angela (Quick 32 Bike), Jurgen Ravenstein (Crazy 8 Bike) & Red Shu(Crazy Shoot Out Bike).

Text: Benjamin Wefer
Picture: Omar Martha / Friwil

Alex Rozier is the absolute winner in the Pro Crazy 7 category (a 7.90-second to 8.20-second category) and was the man to beat the whole weekend. After two qualification rounds, Rozier qualified first with an impressive 7.901 elapsed time at 168 mph. His reaction time on this run was 0.001 seconds, making this a perfect run. Jo-Ann Freitas Franca, who qualified in second, met Clifton Nicolina during the first elimination round but got eliminated by Shairon Maduro in the semi-final (Franca left early and gave the race away). The final race was between Rozier and Maduro. Maduro had a quicker reaction time on the tree (0.108 seconds vs. 0.131 for Rozier), but it was a side-by-side race. Rozier crosses the finish line in 7.843 seconds and Maduro in 7.839 seconds. Rozier won, breaking out by less than a second than Maduro.  

Johnny de Paula, who qualified for fifth place in Supergas, took the win home in his Pontiac Trans-Am. In the first elimination round, he met S Walle. S Lindenborg, the top qualifier in Super Gas, had a bye run in the first elimination round and met de Paula in a side-by-side run in the second elimination round. But as he crosses the finish line in 9.812 seconds at 155 mph and breaks out, he gives the run away to Paula. The final race went between Paula and veteran Rendall Wederfoort. It was a holeshot win for Paula, as he had a quicker reaction time over Wederfoort (0.116 seconds vs 0.136 seconds for Wederfoort) and sealed the deal with a 10.015-second run. Remarkable is that Wederfoort came just 0.002 seconds too short.

Alex Rozier has a double win: He also wins the Krioyo Bracket. Rozier qualified in fourth position with a 9.029-second run at 166 mph. The top qualifier was Karim Kardusli, who qualified with an 8.184-second run at 166 mph in his Chevrolet Camaro and got eliminated in the first elimination round. The final race was between Rozier and Arcley Felipa. Both had a razor-sharp reaction time (0.032 seconds for Rozier vs 0.049 seconds for Felipa) and stormed to the finish line in a side-by-side race, but Rozier won. 

In Outlaw Bike, Rodney Williford took the win home. Williford, a well-known name in bike racing from the United States, was at Curacao to compete in Outlaw Bike. He took the number one spot with a 7.208-second run at 185 mph on a bike that hadn’t seen sunlight in almost nine years. The final race went between Williford and R Croes, but Williford was too fast for him and took the win home. Check out the table below for the winners of all categories.

The first international race on the island was a fact, with participants from several countries/Islands. The Drag Race community found its way back to the freshly painted track and was thrilled by several close races. We from The Chronicles of Boost want to congratulate all ‘Pinks All Out’ winners. To the rest of the racers, we want to say: Keep a positive mindset. Every journey is learning, and come back next time stronger to beat the competition! 

Driver Make ET
Senthley Martina Toyota Starlet 7.301
Shairon Maduro Dragster 7.839
Driver Make Driver
Alex Rozier ‘Don Chema’Dragster 7.843
Shairon Maduro Dragster 7.839
Driver Make ET
Alex Rozier ‘Don Chema’Dragster 9.044
Arckley Felipa Chevrolet Camaro 10.053
Driver Make ET
Johnny de Paula Pontiac Trans-Am 10.015
Randall Wederfoort Chevrolet Camaro 9.996
Driver Make ET
David Tannelek Toyota Starlet 13.172
Shaquille Solognier Toyota Starlet 14.432
Driver Make ET
David Tannelek Toyota Starlet 13.696
Jason Henriques Honda Integra 18.633
Driver Make ET [1/8 mile]
Issachar Look Jr. Dragster 7.521
Antron Henriquez Jr. Dragster 9.265
Driver Make ET [1/8 mile]
Antron Henriquez Jr. Dragster 9.304
Zivah Henriques Jr. Dragster 8.198
Driver Make ET
Rodney Williford Suzuki Hayabusa 7.713
Richar Croes Suzuki Hayabusa 9.799
Driver Make ET
Jayden Angela Suzuki Hayabusa 8.581
Kenrick Berkemeyer Suzuki GSX-R 1000 8.596
Driver Make ET
Travis Merite Suzuki GSX-R 1000 8.309
Kenrick Berkemeyer Suzuki GSX-R 1000 10.476
Driver Make ET
Jurgen Ravenstein Suzuki Hayabusa 8.945
Milton Figaroa Suzuki Hayabusa 8.977
Driver Make ET
Red Shu Suzuki GSXR 8.669
Sigmaro Rampenburg Suzuki Hayabusa 8.486
Driver Make ET
Jean-Luis Pinto Suzuki Hayabusa 9.958
Milton Figaroa Suzuki Hayabusa 8.893