Mechanicsville, Maryland, USA,  4th November 2023:Qualifications continue on the third and last qualification day at Mechanicsville, Maryland. All teams gave everything they had to put themselves in the best positions on the qualification list or meet the bump spot. Also, today’s track/weather conditions resulted in several improvements in elapsed time and speed. The top Qualifiers after five rounds of qualifications (day three) are Rafael Famania-Natty (OVE), Carl Brunet (RVM), Larry Ramnath (XVH), Keith Rhea (WVT), Nick Cole-mann (STK), Adam Arndt (SF), Shwan Finn (WS), Micheal Manley (SS), Richard Crowford (MS), Teddy Weaver (AM) & Mark Rendeluk in Pro street bike (PSB).

Text Benjamin Wefer
Pictures Theodoor de Jongh

Rafael Famania – La Natty reset the clock again in Outlaw vs Extreme (OVE)! Famania drove his 2020 Toyota in 5.546 seconds at 263 mph, improving the world record (Import world record) and track record. As the leader in the OVE category, he will meet Jim How (Guardian) in the first elimination round. The new second qualifier in OVE, Jomar Gomez (Zoian) drove his 2022 Toyota Camry in 5.723 seconds at 253 mph. Gomez will meet Chris Rankin (Relicx2) in the first elimination round. Third place is for Mark Benson, who will meet Alberto Rivera (Humilde) in the first elimination round.

Carl Brunet remains in the lead of Renegade vs. Modified (RVM). His 5.828-second run at 242 mph was still fast enough to stay in the lead. Brunet will have a Bye run in the first elimination round and will meet the winner of the race between Oscar Galagarza and Cleetus McFarland. Derick Santiago is now second after five qualification rounds. Santiago drove his 2023 TLX in 5.866 seconds over the finish line and will meet Ryan Sammut during eliminations. The third qualifier after five qualification rounds is Randy Lambert, who will meet Raull Acevedo during elimination.

No changes in Warrior vs. Tres Cuarto (WVT) leaders after five qualification rounds. With Keith Rhea, Ralph Hardesty, and Victor Flores as number one, two, and three. Rhea will meet Carlos Olivo in the first elimination round. Hardesty will meet Jamil Negron in the first elimination run. Victor Werleman from Aruba couldn’t improve his time yesterday and ended up in the 14th position. Werleman will meet Alberto Rivas (Gallito) in the first elimination round.

Nick Cole-Mann remains the leader in Shift Stick (STK). Cole-Mann improves his time by 0025 seconds (6.721 seconds at 208 mph) and will meet Mohamed Elfar in the first elimination round. Jonathan Atkins ended up in second place and will meet Daniel Ramirez in the first elimination round. Huge surprise in Shift Stick, as Joel Granns took the third position with a 6.907-second run at 210 mph. Grannas will meet Sean Madden in the first round.

The leaders in All Motor (AM) also have remained the same, with Teddy Weaver, Shane Stymiest, and Ronnie Hackerlton in positions one, two, and three. Weaver will have a bye run in the first round and will meet the winner of the race between Adam Hall and Damien Stephens in the second round. Stymiest will meet Albert Ramirez, and Hackerton will meet Jerome Harris in the first round.

Mark Rendeluk remains in the lead of Pro Street Bike (PSB). Rendeluk’s 6.367-second pass from yesterday was still fast enough to maintain his lead. He will meet Jordan Haase in the quarterfinals (Only eight competitors made it to the ladder). Justin Shakir remains in second place after five qualification rounds and will meet Brandon Litten during eliminations. Jason Dunigan is now third and will meet Rodney Williford. Jayson Geerman (Aruba) had some good improvement since the weekend started and ran a 6.646-second run at 220 mph, but unfortunately, it was not fast enough to meet the bump spot of 6.569 seconds.

Stay tuned for the last day of the 27th annual Haltech World Cup finals weekend (elimination rounds!) We from The Chronicles of Boost want to wish all competing drivers good luck, but most of all, have fun!