Flugplatz Zerbst, Germany 4/5th May 2024: The German Junior quarter-mile racers kicked off the season at Zerbst airstrip during the N. Junior Camp weekend. This small event combines a Junior camp with a “run what you brought” moment. Several juniors took the opportunity to come to Zerbst and learn more about the world of Drag Racing, and the weather gods were quite happy to provide us with some two-digit temperatures and no rain during the day.

Text: Benjamin Wefer
Pictures: Benjamin Wefer

The Junior camp forms part of the activities organized by the Anhaltiener Motobike Club Dessau (AMC Dessau). This group of dedicated volunteers, who share a passion for motorsport, have been hosting the camp at Zerbst Airfield since 2007. They organize several Test & Tune events throughout the year and extend their support to other organizations and clubs, fostering a sense of unity in the motorsport world.

The Junior Drag Racing event at Zerbst Airstrip is a platform that provides thrilling experiences and valuable learning opportunities for juniors—the weekend kicked off with a first-aid introduction and technical information about their vehicles. They also learn about the safety gear involved in racing and get a walk down the starting line. Track officials guide them through the burn-out area and the tree, how to pre-stage and stage a car, the 1/8 track, and how to return to their parking space through the return road. Rene & Andrea Kloss, both DMV representatives, share insights about several racing organizations, from DSMB to the prestigious FIA, inspiring the juniors about the vast potential in motorsport. 

Beyond the Juniors, it is a valuable opportunity for all the racers (Cars & Bikes) who emerged from their winter hibernation to test their vehicles and gear up for the 2024 season, such as Gerd Haberman Racing and the Schumann Motorsport team, to mention a few. 

We also took the opportunity to follow the weekend’s progress on several drivers who had just left the Junior Dragster family. One of them is Cheyenne Visser, who was at Zerbst to test her brand-new dragster. Her weekend started with some final coaching from Erich Pflug (the previous owner) and her dad, Wolter Visser. After a test pass from Pflug, it was Cheyenne’s time to take the wheel. We will take it nice and slow this weekend; Cheyenne needs to familiarize herself with the car, and patience is the key! Words from crew chief Wolter Visser. Her first few passes were with slight throttle to get a feeling of the car on the track, backing up a dragster for the first time, and some light burn-outs. On Sunday, she made another run; while paddling down the track, she set an 8.90-second run on a 1/8 mile, which would be a 10.40 second on a quarter mile. We are satisfied with the weekend; this looks promising, and we will drop the hammer whenever she is ready, said Wolter!

Lucas Putthoff, a seventeen-year-old driver, is another shining example of the potential in Junior Dragster racing. He transitioned to Pro E.T. This year, he plans to run Super Pro E.T. with a new Dragster. This weekend was a thrilling opportunity for him to test the car before going to the first round of the French championship. So far, he set a 5-second flat on the 1/8, which would be a 7.80 on a quarter-mile. His best reaction time during the weekend was 0.055 seconds, indicating his growing skills and potential.

Another youngster testing this weekend was the eighteen-year-old Annalena Scherschinski. She also left the Junior Dragster family at the end of 2022 and is currently running in Super Pro E.T., testing her dragster to get into shape for the French and German championships. Her best times during the weekend were a 5.8-second run on a 1/8 mile (a low eight-second run on a quarter mile) with a reaction time of 0.124 of a second. 

It was another successful N. Junior Camp at Zerbst Airfield,  filled with inspiring moments and remarkable achievements. The new juniors, with their promising potential, got an excellent introduction to the world of drag racing, and the experienced ones had an opportunity to test and set themselves up for a successful 2024 season.