28 May 2023
Waaigat, Curacao

After a long time we see a crew organize an autoshow of this scale on the island.
All types of vehicles were present at this show. Check out the video we made of all the vehicles that were on scene around early in the afternoon.

There were many rides grouped together and it was a beautiful sight.

Check out these C10 pickups looking like they rolled of the production line yesterday.

Being an easy Rider event, the bikes were also well represented.
This time around they brought out some Victory bikes for us to see.

These are considered the muscle cruisers. The white one is a true beauty.

JDM taste was also on display. Check out below the SX10 Toyota Altezza’s in formation with the Honda S2000’s

The altezza’s stood out, because they all had such unique colors grouped together like the 31 flavors of basking robbins.

In the middle of it all, we could see some REAL OLD timers between all the vehicles.

and hidden from the sun, you could see some of the oldest still driving cars on the island.

Jack Prins was also on the grounds with his new “terrorista” drift mustang.
We have a little clip on instagram of this ride spitting flames.

The corvette club was also present. They even brought out one of the C8 corvettes on the island

If you did not know, the C8 is the first production Corvette to run a mid mounted engine.
It is making records after records and the new Z06 has the most HP all motor engine of all time in it.

Special mention goes to Crazy PIM.
He suffered a nasty accident a some time ago. No he has finally rebuild his Miata.

Where there is a will, there will always be a way out. Congrats on the comeback.

We also made a short video with our GO PRO camera. Check it out below

Thank you all for the continuing support, and we keep doing it for you.