1st October 2021, Circuit Zandvoort, The Netherlands:

As the pursuit for alternative combustion engines continues, so the change in automotive events. After a successful premiere last year, EV Experience is back at Circuit Zandvoort for the second edition. 5.000 EV drivers/owners and EV enthusiast found their way last weekend to The Netherland’s Formula 1 track to be informed about the latest around electric transportation and experience.

The weather was outstanding and merely 5 minutes after the opening of the EV- experience there were long lines forming. The track pit boxes were once again converted into pop-up stores from several car dealers, lease companies, and car importers, where visitors could get technical information about the cars, pricing, options, and of course the opportunity to test drive it on the track!


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Yep, with just one scan by your smartphone you were able to book yourself a slot for one lap on the track and get a driving experience. Of course, we couldn’t let this opportunity pass us and booked ourself a couple of test drive. It didn’t take long before all of the driving slots were full and we were limited to only two test drives.


We tested the Tesla Model X from MHC mobility. MHC mobility is a leasing company that not only offers; lease cars, but also bikes, or public transportation plans for companies.  We also took the Seres 3 for a spin on the track. Seres is one of the Chinese brands that recently established themselves here in the Netherlands. The first impression was; quite great.


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Cars are of course the first thing that pops into people’s minds when you’re talking about Electric vehicles, but EV Experience had more to offer than just cars.  As the name suggests, it’s an event for anything that uses electricity (or hydrogen) to transport people from A to B.  Carver, a Dutch manufacturer of city vehicles, fits right into that motto. The carver is e vehicle that is in between a car and a scooter, which falls into the Lightweight electric vehicle (LEV), has a top speed of 45 km/hours and a range of 100 km.

M17A9078 4Q6A9114

Not only daily transportation is going for zero-emission, but also the racing world is changing as well. The Electric Superbike Twente Racing Team provided the public some inside on their brand new superbikes. The team consists of students from Twente University. They have fully designed and built these superbikes. Why? To preserve the world of racing, for future generations. And these boys have a big goal. Their goal is to set a MotoGP time with a fully electric superbike by the end of 2022! They designed the Delta-XE. The Delta-XE is a 220 kg weighing bike that accelerates from 0-100 in less than four seconds and has a top speed of 300 km/hour.

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For the ones looking for something more road legal, Verge has the answer; The Verge TS. A naked-styled bike, with a hubless rear wheel designed and manufactured in Finland. This bike symbolizes an electric vehicle in its purest form. Verge representative ‘Spencer’ gave us some inside about the TS. The TS has an 88kw battery that produces 1000Nm of torque. Yes, that isn’t a typo; it has more torque than a Tesla! This 225kg weighing bike has more torque than a 2400kg weighing Tesla. This baby will hit 0-100km/h in about 2.8 seconds. Simply awesome!


For anyone looking for some retro bike, ‘Welectric’ has the answer. This company had some awesome retro urban bikes, electric steps, and an e-scooter. From the happy faces, we knew for a fact that those were an instant hit and fun to drive. And if you’re more of a chopper person. E-scooters brought their E-chopper for your delight.

M17A9057 M17A9058

Besides pumping our adrenalin with all these vehicles, EV experience had more to offer. Green Caravan gave us a demo of their app. This company aims to charge vehicles at the most convenient moments using primarily green energy. The app analyses weather conditions and other parameters to determine the optimal moments to charge your vehicle. The app starts and stops the charging moments for the best results. Just make sure to set your deadline, and they make sure that your car is all charged up and ready to go with as much green energy-generated power.

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Besides test drives and gadgets, there was also the opportunity to get some insight information regards EV. The Heineken Hall was the place to be for all the information. Arne Berthouwer, the man behind the website EV date base gave the spectator all the in and outs regarding the website and especially how to read the manufacturer’s information. for example the difference between WLTP vs reality.

Meanwhile, the kids were also entertaining their selves on the bouncer, simulator race games, or perhaps even test drive mini EVs and steps.

The second EV experience was a success. a car event with a lot to offer. The world pandemic is still noticeable, looking at the number of enthusiasts who found their way to the track. But for sure, the interest for an alternative for traditional fueled cars is growing. This family event was the perfect event to close the summer with.


Text: Benjamin Wefer/Roley Richardson

Picture: Roley Richardson/Benjamin Wefer