18th /19th /20th November 2022, Brussel Expo Belgium:  The Brussels Expo is once again home to the Interclassics. It is an important event for classic car dealers and anyone who wants to sell their classic car. Besides car trade, you can also look for that missing car part or Art from the Art gallery section. And, of course, admire the exquisite pieces of cars displayed. The 7th edition of the Interclassics at Brussel Expo had it all. This edition was dedicated to Ferrari’s 75th anniversary and to the 50th anniversary of the M series from BMW.

Text: Benjamin Wefer

Picture: Benjamin Wefer

Ferrari was founded in 1947 by Enzo Ferrari. But the Ferrari name was already well known in the Motosport world, under the name Scuderia Ferrari (Meaning Ferrari Racing Team). Scuderia was founded in 1929 by Enzo. At that time, Ferrari did not produce cars yet but was racing several brands. That all changed in 1947. The first Ferrari made was the Ferrari 125. In the last 75 years, Ferrari produced several iconic cars that revolutionized the car community, like the Ferrari 500 Mondial (1985 cc won F2 in 1952 and 1953), the Ferrari F40, and the Ferrari F50. Besides the brand anniversary, the Belgium motorsport itself had a lot of history with Ferrari. The former motorsport Belgium team Écurie Francorchamps, who raced in F1 between 1952 and 1954, was campaigned by Ferrari cars.

Ferrari 500 Mondial (1 of 16th every built) Ferrari F40 (1 of 1311 ever built)

BMW is also celebrating this year. The M line has been around for several decades, and it’s celebrating its 50th anniversary. For this occasion, Interclassics paid tribute to the M line by bringing several iconic BMWs to the Brussel Expo, like the BMW M1 (Pro Car).

Another eye-catcher next to the iconic BMWs and Ferarri’s was a fully restored 1922 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. The Silver Ghost has a 9.2 liter, six-cylinder flat-head engine, producing around 80 horsepower. The Silver Ghost got its name due to its quiet engine or what Rolls-Royce executives called “extraordinary stealthiness.” The quality of the car shines through the plentiful nickel trim and the silver-plated hood ornament “Spirit of Ecstasy.”

Like mention, Interclassics is not only a car show but also a place to sell your classic car. From a pre-war V-8 Cadillac 341 A convertible (Price = € 125.000) or a Delage D675 cabriolet (Price = €150.000) to the newer classics cars.

Cadillac 341 A convertible Delage D675 cabriolet

SIM Belgium also had a booth at Interclassics for the new-generation racers. SIM Belgium is a company specializing in automobile simulation seats and their accessories, where you can buy a Formula One look-alike cockpit or GT. You can also personalize your simulation seat and accessories. Not convinced yet? Rent one for the weekend! For sure a high-end Christmas present!

The 7th edition of the Interclassics at Brussels is a fact! Approximately 25.000 visitors found their way to the Brussel Expo, where you could have learned a bit of history from the Legendary M line from BMW and of course some historic cars produced by Ferrari. For the ones with a deep pocket, you had several fully restored classic icons for sale, Art, and accessories for your car or garage. The next stop is Interclassics at Maastricht in January 2023. If you love old-timers, make sure you don’t miss this!