Nürburgring, Nurburg, Germany

One of the most recognized tracks in the world by name or location.

Fellow Islander Vurghel Garmes made it out to this track in his Honda Accord Euro R, and by doing so, he fulfilled a childhood dream he had since he was 8 years old. Lets let Vurghel in his own words, tell us all about his Dream come true.


My dream was always to go to Nürburgring and drive on it. But I never did the research to find out to go.

3 weeks ago I wanted to go, but due to some circumstances it did not happen.
Last week I was scrolling on FB, I saw the track pop up again, and I decided to just do it, I was not about to let it pass me by again.

I picked up my helmet and filled up the Accord Euro R with gas and drove for 3 hours to get to Nürburg, Germany and to the track of my childhood dreams.






Once arrived I bought 5 laps and did the first lap easy to see how the track was.
I already knew the track due to playing it constantly in Grand Turismo 1 trough 6 🙂
Even without owning a PlayStation, every time a got the chance to play Grand Turismo, I would race the Nürburgring. It was a challenging track, because to do 1 lap it would take you at least 7 minutes in the game. I loved it and kept playing it throughout all the different renditions of GT and other racing games.


The first lap I was too aggressive with the Euro R. It kept understeering and it was also wet out, so I concentrated on the other laps to do better. It is an awesome sight to behold and experience, since there are race cars that pass you by and it gives you the adrenaline to push your car more and more to the limit.

Due to the car being a JDM import, it is limited to 180 KM\H. This speed limit was being hit constantly even trough some of the corners. The track is so fast at some places and yet so technical at other places. It is a must GO, for anyone who has a sport car and lives within Europe or near Germany.





Take a look at Vurghel as he takes his almost stock Accord Euro R on the Ring.
The sound of the K powered Euro R is music to our ears as he powers down the track

As you can see below it was kind of wet / damp at the ring when he was doing his laps. But that did not stop his Euro R from screaming down this iconic racetrack.

We are very happy with another local motorsport fan fulfilling his child hood dream.
It is only to be used as an encouragement to others to chase your dreams and do not waist time thinking about something that you can do today.

Story by Vurghel Garmes
Typed out by Francis Hermina
Pictures by Vurghel Garmes