Ahoy, Rotterdam The Netherlands 21/22 October 2023:Forty thousand car enthusiasts found their way to Ahoy last weekend for the eighteen editions of the 100% Auto Live (Former 100% Tuning). This car show changed its name, shape, and organization in the last two decades, but not its location or date (always in October). For this year’s edition, 402 Automotive selected more than four hundred vehicles (cars & bikes) and turned Ahoy’s 30,000 square meters of exhibition halls into a car sanctuary. A car catwalk for a more wow factor, an adrenaline-kicking outdoor arena, and the appearance of some well-known Dutch icons were like icing on the cake.

Text: Benjamin Wefer
Pictures: Benjamin Wefer/Willem van Lamoen/Luisa Burgers
Video: Willem van Lamoen

That this car event is making a comeback and has grown over the last decades is noticeable. All the Ahoy exhibition halls (for the second year in a row) are now in use, and the demo arena has been moved outside for the last couple of years (this used to be inside). Early in the morning, spectators gather in front of the main entrance to be the first ones to get a glimpse of 100% live.

100% Auto Live is a car show for tuned & styled cars, but also for supercars, pure performance, car audio, autosport, bikes, and a section for car clubs. But, tuning has remained the center of attention and was noticeable during the show. Among the tuned cars was this beautiful 1991 Honda Civic EC8, owned by Tom Smets from Belgium. He always had a soft spot for older civics and bought this four years ago (completely stock). The whole car has been customized since with an air ride system, Skunk2 camber kit in the front, and HARDRACE chamber kit in the back. The white paint job & the stunning set of 16-inch chrome KR7 rims by Whistler make this car complete. Another eye-catcher was a Toyota Supra from the UK with an Aimgain body kit, Forge Motorsport carbon fiber engine cover, and Westforge wheels.


Other eye-catchers were a Lexus RCF with Rocket Bunny, a Nissan GTR with a charged speed body kit, and a Honda NSX with a Sorcery Design body kit (Sorcery GT). This one-of-a-kind NSX has never been on Dutch soil until now.

And, if you love to play music in your car at maximum volume, this legendary VW ABT bus, equipped with some freaky audio system, was definitely something you wanted to experience. 100% Auto Live had it all.

The car catwalk was the place to be for some wow factor. Spectators could see selected cars more closely, hear the engine sound, and get more inside information from the owners. Presenters Stephan de Jong and Leoni Goudkuil entertained the public by interviewing car owners and letting them share their stories.

The crowd went crazy when the Nissan GTRs from Fortador went up the catwalk. These have a unique & load exhaust, and the boys from Fortador like to let those engines roar.

Also, automatties, McLaren Twins (Exhibiting their new Ferrari SF90 Spider), GIO Latooy, and several other Dutch icons from the car world made their appearances on the catwalk.

The outdoor arena was the place to be for the adrenaline seeker. Drift Finesse, the Gebroeders Hoek Racing & Nick Henderikx provided the crowd with stunning drifting demo rounds. The public also had the opportunity to tag along with one of these drifters and experience a round in one of these drift monsters.

Gebroeders Hock Nick Henderikx

Also, Banditos Motorsport made their appearance among the drifters with a Nissan 350Z and Remmo Niezen (a well-known name in the Dutch drifting community). What caught our attention was the driver’s name sticker: Steve Okkerman. And Yes, Banditos Racing is entering the drifting world with Steve behind the wheel! Steve is a well-known quarter-mile racer (currently racing Super Pro ET in a Chevrolet Camaro) with several wins on his name, but is up for an extra challenge (Steve is not retiring from drag racing) and will start practicing his drifting skills.

Banditos 350Z, with Remmo Steve’s Super Pro ET Camaro

The outdoor arena was also the place to be for some good old burnouts. Leo ‘Dutch GOAT of burnouts’ Honders knocked the ball out of the park with some breathtaking burnouts. His Honda Del Sol really smoked the place up, and he wasn’t planning to stop even though the front tires caught fire several times (Don’t try this at home. 402 Automotive had all the safety precautions in place).

The eighteen edition of 100% live is a fact! A car show with a lot to offer, where you can admire Europe’s most fines, buy yourself the needed merchandise, and enjoy some breathtaking demos. Make sure you don’t miss the nineteen editions in October 2024!