12th – 15th January 2023, MECC Maastricht The Netherlands.

The 28th edition of the Interclassics was a success!

As it became tradition, the classics car season starts in Maastricht and this years edition was no exception. Over thirty five thousand classic car enthusiast found their way to the MECC in just four days for the 28th edition of the Interclassics. Interclassics has grown into an elegant classic car exhibition, with vintage cars for every taste; from a pre-war antique cars to the most recent modern classics cars. The 2023 edition of the interclassics paid a tribute to the History of the Dutch Grand Prix.

Text: Benjamin Wefer/ Roley Richardson

Picture Roley Richardson/ Benjamin Wefer

The Dutch Grand Prix was held from 1950 to 1985. After a long period of absence it returned to Dutch soil in 2021. The Dutch race fans can finally enjoy Formula 1 races again in Zandvoort. Formula 1 has been part of the Dutch culture for decades. To honor this great history, Interclassics presented several F1 cars from the fifties until the eighties. One of the cars displayed during the Interclassics was this beautifully restored/preserved Talbot Lago (T26C), which was driven by Louis Rosier. Rosier won the Dutch grand prix in 1950 & 1951 with this car. The T26C had a 4.5 liter inline six cylinders, which was good for 260 horsepower. It had a top speed of 232 km/hrs.

Another iconic formula one car who stormed along the track of Zandvoort is the Lotus 87, which was driven by legendary Nigel Mansell. Or the De Tomasa-Ford 505 F1, this 1970 F1 race car was driven by Piers Courage and competed in the 1970 Dutch GP. The 505 F1 had a 2993 CC V-8, which produces around 450 HP and had a top speed of 270 km/hrs.

And of course among the ‘young classic’ F1 cars, the Red Bull Racing RB16B from the current world champion, national race hero, Max Verstappen. The RB16 is a V-6, which produces around 900 horsepower and a top speed of 312 km/hrs.

Besides the displayed cars, Interclassics is the perfect event for the enthusiasts to buy that antique, classic, young classic or even that supercar they’ve always dreamed of. Like the 2011 Nissan GTR “Egoist”. What so special about this one? This high end GTR is one of the 39 GTRs on this planet, limited designed  by chief Kazutoshi Mizuno himself. Only two were painted in this white pearl and are also the only two that are left hand drive. For sure a late Christmas gift!

Classic cars clubs were also well represented at the Interclassics weekend. One of them the V.O.C (vooroorlogse oldtimer club, meaning pre war old timer club), which were represented by several members and their cars, including a 1913 Ford model T. The Model T was produced between 1907 and 1929  it has wooden spoke wheels and a flat head four cylinder engine which produces around 20 horsepower. She might not be quick but this 110 year old lady is looking stunning and still go out on the road a few times a year. Driving this car was quite a work out!

The 28th edition of the Interclassics at Maastricht is a success with approximately 35.000 visitors. For the ones with a deep pocket, you had several fully restored classic icons for sale, Art, and accessories for your car or garage. The next stop is Interclassics in Brussels at the end of the year. If you love old-timers, make sure you don’t miss this event!