Hockenheim-ring GERMANY 26th August 2022: It has been three-year since the teams raced on the ‘Rico Anthes Quarter mile track’ at Hockenheim-ring (Due to the world pandemic). The 2022 season is shorter, with only four rounds this year instead of six (The first & fourth rounds at Santapod, the second round at Tierp Arena Sweden, and the third round at Hockenheim-ring). Absences at Hockenheim this year are Top Fuel driver Anita Mäkelä from Finland and Top Methanol drivers Dennis and Timo Habermann from Germany. All, taking a break from racing.

Text: Benjamin Wefer

Pictures: Benjamin Wefer

Ida Zetterström takes the lead after two rounds of qualification at the Rico Anthes Quarter Mile track! The 35th edition of the NitrOlympX started with Dennis Nilsson in the Top Fuel, who got a solo run in the Top Fuel class. Nilsson lost traction during the run and lifted the throttle halfway to set a 5.696 at 218 km/hrs, which was good enough for the second position after Anti Horto (5.514-second run). All drivers suffer some traction trouble during the first qualification round. Also, in the second round, there were pedaling down the lane, but Ida still managed to book a 4.286-second run at 422 km/hrs and bumped Antti Horto to the second position. Antti Improved his time by 0.089 to a 5.425-second run. Jndia Erbacher from Switzerland is in the third spot with a 5.555-second run at 174 km/hrs.

Ida Zetterström


Antti Horto Jndia Erbacher

Jonny Lagg from Sweden takes the lead in Top Methanol with a 5.498 second run at 422 km/hrs after two qualification rounds. Norwegian driver Linn Fløysvik maintained her second position with a 5.783 second run at 398 km/hrs (Linn set a 5.783 second run in Q1). Tony Bryntesson is in the third position with a 6.752 second run at 359 km/hrs. 2022 championship leader Sandro Bellio is currently in fourth place. Sandro had a fire incident last race at Tierp Arena (Sweden), but the team managed to repair it and put the car back together just in time for this race. Unfortunately still having some technical trouble. Hopefully, they will manage to fix them for Q3.

Jonny Lagg Linn Fløysvik
Tony Bryntesson Sandro Bellio

Dutch driver David Vegter takes the first spot in Pro Modified during Q1 and maintains his number one spot at the end of Q2. David set a stunning 5.935-second run at 381 km/hrs in his Chevrolet Camaro SS.  In the second position is the Swedish driver Mats Eriksson in his 1956 Ford Victoria. Jan Eriksson (current leader in the championship) is in third place, with a 6.002 second run at 348 km/hrs. Also in this class, several competitors struggled to keep the car straight or had some technical issues. On the bright side, German driver Walter Strobel did his licensing run in his Chevrolet Camaro SS and set a 7-second run.

David Vegter Mats Eriksson
Jan Eriksson Walter Strobel

Jimmy Ålund claims first place in the Pro Stock class during the 2022 NitrOlympX. The Swedish driver booked a stunning 6.659-second run at 334 km/hrs. ( 0.063 seconds slower than his 6.596 second run in 2019). Ålund couldn’t improve his time during Q2, but their rest couldn’t improve either. Therefore Ålund maintained his number one spot. Micheal Malmgren currently second in the championship keeps his number two spot after two rounds. Stefan Enryd is in third place with a 6.729 second run at 329 km/hrs. Championship leader Robin Noren is not competing this weekend, therefore will not be able to defend his number one spot. Jimmy, Michael, and Stefan are the only competitors here at NitrOlympX. So they all have already a podium spot, but the question is who will take the win and improve his position in the championship.

Jimmy Ålund


Stefan Ernryd Micheal Malmgren

Super Gas [9.90 index]  Dutch driver Stevan Reffeltrath from the Orange Country racing team takes first place with a 9.917 at 231 km/hrs run.  Daniel Vetterl qualified just behind Reffeltrath with a 9.961-second run, which is good, for the second position. The third place is for Oscar Scappocin from Italy.

Stevan Reffeltrath


Daniel Vetterl Oscar Scappocin

Markus Laur from Germany takes the lead in Funny Bike with a 7.065-second run at 305 km/hrs, and Kars van den Belt from The Netherlands is in second place with a 7.211-second run. Mike Olie is just 0.007 seconds behind Kars, which is good for the third position.

Kars van den Belt Mike Olie

Jake Mechaell from the UK takes the lead in super street bike with a 7.038 second run at 331 km/hrs. Moguns Lund (Second in the 2022 championship) qualified just 0.04 seconds behind Mechaell and is good enough to take second place. Third place is for Mathias Bohlin. Championship leader Dániel Donát Lencsés is currently in tenth place. Dániel suffered from wheel spin during both qualification rounds.

Jake Mechaell


Moguns Lund Mathias Bohlin

Hereby the top 3 qualifiers of the classes on the 1st  day of ‘NOX’ (NitrOlympX) at the Hockenheim-ring, Germany.

Driver Make ET
Ida Zetterström Mckinney Dragster 4.286
Antti Horto Hedman Top Fuel Dragster 5.425
Jndia Erbacher Hedman Top Fuel Dragster 5.555
Driver Make ET
Jonny Lagg KJR Dragster 5.498
Linn Fløysvik Ford Mustang Funny car 5.783
Tony Bryntesson Top Methanol Dragster 6.752
Driver Make ET
David Vegter Chevrolet Camaro 5.935
Mats Eriksson Ford Victoria 5.949
Jan Ericsson Chevrolet Camaro 6.002
Driver Make ET
Jimmy Ålund Chevrolet Camaro 6.659
Michael Malmgren Pontiac GXP 6.696
Stefan Ernryd Dodge Dart 6.729
Driver Make ET
Armin Widmann Chevrolet Camaro 10.569
Ronnie Mercer Ford Anglia 9.071
Martin Weikum Chevrolet Camaro 10.550
SUPER GAS SG (9.90 Index)
Driver Make ET
Stevan Reffeltrath Chevrolet Nova 9.917
Daniel Vetterl Chevrolet Nova 9.961
Oscar Scapponi Chevrolet Nova 9.981
Driver Make ET
Oliver Petzold Chevrolet Corvette 8.398
Alain Durr Alfa Romeo 8.691
Harry Scherschinski Dragster 8.539
SUPER COMP SC (8.90 index)
Driver Make ET
Gerd Habermann Spitzer Dragster 8.970
Enrico Bailo Chevrolet Nova 9.013
Markus Ochsner Dodge Ram 9.728
Driver Make ET
Robin Sattler Dragster 8.966
Rene Ehrismann Chevrolet Bel Air 7.628
Manuel Kreiter Pontiac Firebird 9.230
Driver Make ET
Liam Mc Donald JR Dragster 8.464
Max Timmers JR Dragster 8.193
Lukas Schimdt JR Dragster 8.156
Driver Make ET
Rikard Gustafsson Puma TFB 6.145
Rene van den Berg Yamaha 6.866
Eric Richard Suzuki Hayabusa 7.221
Driver Make ET
Marcus Christiansen Super twin top fuel bike 6.393
Martijn de Haas Haas Brother bike 6.727
Samu Kemppainen Nitro V60 6.961
Driver Make ET
Jerome Roughemont Suzuki GSXR 7.821
Charalampos Bousinis Suzuki GSXR 7.959
David Simon Suzuki GSXR 8.533
Driver Make ET
Markus Laur Suzuki GSX 7.065
Kars van der Belt Honda CBR 7.211
Mike Olie Suzuki GSX 7.286
Driver Make ET
Jake Mechaell Suzuki Hayabusa 7.038
Mogens Lund Suzuki Hayabusa 7.077
Mathias Bohlin Suzuki Hayabusa 7.136
FIM E Junior Drag Bike
Marie Rosen Suzuki GS500E 8.638
Meg Talbot JR Drag Bike 8.272
Wichard Veldman Yamaha TZR 125 11.069


Stay tuned for the second day of the Nitrolympx weekend (the last Qualifications and first elimination rounds!) We from The Chronicles of Boost want to wish all competing drivers good luck, but most of all, have fun!