Hockenheim-ring GERMANY 27th August 2022: It is Sunday, the third day of the Nitrolympx weekend, and the sun has risen already. It is time to race! The weather was much better today, and the track conditions improved over the weekend, which gave that extra boost to set a good time and win the race. The races started with the second elimination round of Pro ET & Super Pro ET, and it didn’t take long before the first elimination for the FIM (Top Fuel, Top Methanol, Pro Modified, etc.) & FIA classes (Top Fuel Bike, Super Street Bike, etc.) started.

Text: Benjamin Wefer

Pictures: Benjamin Wefer

A big surprise in the Top fuel Class as Susanne Callin takes the win at the Rico Anthes Quartermile track. Susan won from Ida Zetterström in the first round. Ida left the starting line first, struggled with traction halfway, and Susan crossed the finish line (4.182 seconds run at 350 km/hrs) in front of her. with this win, Susanne got a bye run straight into the final, as there were only five competitors during the event. On the other side of the Ladder, Antti Horto won (at a high cost) from Top Qualifier Jndia Erbacher in the half-final. Jndia (who got a bye run during the first elimination round) engaged the clutches more aggressively and smoked up the tires. Susan had a bye run in the final race, as Antti broke some rods and damaged the engine block during his race against Jndia. This is the first win for Susanne Calin, since her return to the Top Fuel class.


Susanne Callin Antti Horto

Jonny Lagg takes the in Top Methanol. Jonny ran a 5.517-second run against Tony Bryntesson (5.767-second run). What looked like a close race was decided already on the starting line as Tony left too early (red light). Jonny also got a bye run straight into the finals due to the number of participants. Sandro, on the other hand, got a bye run in the first round and met German driver Sylvio Strauch in the half-final. A re-run was needed in the half-final as a glitch in the system didn’t activate Sylvio’s side of the tree. Hole shot wins for Sandro during the rematch (5.588 seconds for Sandro with a quicker reaction time at the tree against 5.548 seconds run for Sylvio). Sandro ran 5.693 seconds against Jonny Lagg in the final race, but just came up short and saw Jonny crosses the finish line in front of him.

Jonny Lagg Sandro Bellio

Also, a surprise in Pro Modified as Michel Tooren takes the win! Michel won from Peter Wacker in the first round (Peter suffered tire shaking, which broke the front suspension) and eliminates Bruno Bader in a close race in the second round (Michel for 5.994 vs. a 6.010 second for Bruno). The half-final went between Michel and top Qualifier David Vegter, which Michel won with a 6.017-second run at 357 km/hrs (David ran a 6.139-second run at 379 km/hrs). The final went between Michel and Andres Arnover in a side-by-side race. Michel ran a 6.020-second run against Arnover, who also ran 6.020-second, but Michel, was much quicker at the tree.

Michel Tooren Andres Arnover

Jimmy Ålund (6.651 seconds run at 333 km/hrs) close the deal in Pro Stock at the Rico Anthes Quarter Mile by defeating Stefan Ernryd (6.692 at 333 km/hrs) in the final race. Stefan and Jimmy left the tree at the same time and had the same 60ft, but Jimmy started to creep away half track and won the race. As there were only three competitors, Stefan faced Michael Malmgren first (half final), but Michael gave it away at the tree by leaving too early (red light).

Jimmy Ålund Stefan Ernryd

Super Gas [9.90 index]  Stevan Reffeltrath from the Orange Country racing takes the win in Super Gas. A hole-shot win for Stevan against D Vetterl in the first round and had a bye run in the half-final as Oscar Scappocin’s car broke at the starting line. Stevan raced top qualifier Stephan Blauwitz in a side-by-side race, but Stevan had a much quicker reaction time at the start (9,956 seconds for Reffeltrath against 9.951 for Blauwitz)

Stevan Reffeltrath Stephan Blauwitz

Markus Laur was unbeatable this weekend and took the trophy home in the Funny Bike class! Markus was consistent (low seven-second) on the ladder and met Dutch driver Kars van den Belt in the final. Kars struggled to keep the bike straight but set a 7.376-second run at 308 km/hrs. Unfortunately too slow against Markus, who ran a 7.155 at 317 km/hrs.

Markus Laur Kars van den Belt

Mathias Bohlin takes the win at Hockenheim by winning the final race against top qualifier Jake Mechaell! Both competitors won the first elimination round with a six-second run and were the fastest competitors on the ladder. Mathias won with a 7.008 second run against a 7.996 second for Mechaell.

Mathias Bohlin Jake Mechaell

The 35th edition of the Nitrolympx is a fact! It took three years (since the 34th edition back in 2019), but finally, all the teams were back at Hockenheim for another FIA/FIM round. We from The Chronicles of boost want to congratulate all ‘NitrOlympX’ winners. To the rest of the racers, we want to say: Keep a positive mindset. Every journey is learning, and come back next time stronger to beat the competition! The next FIA round will be at Santapod Raceway.