Hockenheim-ring Germany 26th August 2023: Qualifications continue at the Rico Anthes Quartermile Raceway at Hockenheim-ring. Competitors had two qualification sessions to improve yesterday’s time and position themself on the top of the list (This brings the total to four qualification rounds for the FIA and three for the sportsman classes). Races started around 10 o’clock, and like yesterday, the first competitors to line up were from the Pro ET class. After a Small pause due to rain, the races continue. The day stayed cloudy, but the sun did shine from time to time, which influenced the track temperature. It was all hand on deck for all crew chiefs to get the right combination. Top Qualifiers for the FIA categories are Jndia Erbacher (TF), Sandro Beilio (TM), Andres Arnover (PM) & Robin Noren (PS). Top qualifiers from the FIM categories are Rickard Gustafsson (TFB), Marcus Christiansen (STB), Jake Mechaell (SSB), Martin Newbury (PSB) & Leif-Erik Braune (JrDB).

Text: Benjamin Wefer

Pictures: Benjamin Wefer

Jndia Erbacher maintains her leading position in Top Fuel Dragster. After yesterday’s peddling down the track, the Swiss stormed into a 3.949-second at 498 km/hr and improved her time by 0.013 seconds in Q4 (3.936-second at 500 km/hr). Jndia is the only one so far to run into the three seconds and will have a bye run during eliminations and position herself in the finals (only three competitors in this class). Ida Zetterström qualified in second place with a 4.028 (good improvement from yesterday’s five-second run due to tire shaking) and will meet third qualifier Susanne Callin in the half-final.

Jndia Erbacher

Ida Zetterström Susanne Callin

No changes in the number one spot for Top Methanol! Sandro Bellio improved his time to 5.525 at 415 km/hr, which was good enough to stay in the lead. Sandro will meet Jurgen Nagel in the quarter-final (only six competitors in Top Methanol). Surprise from Johnny Oska as he ran an arrow straight run against Tony Bryntesson in Q3. Oska stormed in 5.590 seconds at 414 km/hrs, improved it by 0.017 seconds in Q4, and took the number two position. Tony Bryntesson is the third qualifier with 5.419 seconds at 401 km/hr and will meet Linn Floysvik in the quarter-finals.

Sandro Bellio
Johnny Oska Tony Bryntesson

New Leader in Pro Modified as the driver from Astonia (Anders Arnover) stormed into 5.863 seconds at 403 km/hr. All competitors struggled to keep the car straight during Q3, but somehow Anders managed to get his Mustang into the 5.8 seconds. Arnover will have a bye run in the first elimination round (odd number car field). David Vegter also managed to get into the 5.8 seconds and maintained his second position. Remarkable is that Vegter qualified just 0.003 of a second behind Arnover (5.866 seconds at 393 km/hr) and will meet Marcus Hilt (number 15th qualifier) in the first elimination round. Yesterday’s leader (Jan Eriksson) is now third with a 5.906 at 395 km/hr.

Anders Arnover
David Vegter Jan Eriksson

Good improvement, but no changes in the top three for Pro Stock! Robin Noren, Stefan Ernryd, and Michael Malgren are still number one, two, and three. Robin Noren improved his time from 6.83 seconds to 6.716 seconds at 332 km/hr and will meet Simon Ekengren in the half-final (only four-car field). Stefan also improved yesterday’s time to 6.755 seconds at 330 km/hr and will meet Micheal Malmgren in the half-final.

Robin Noren
Stefan Ernryd Micheal Malmgre

Super Gas [9.90 index] Oscar Scappocin maintains his number-one spot in Supergas. The Italian improved his time to 9.912 seconds at 216 km/hr. Oscar will meet Stephan Blauwitz in the quarter-final tomorrow (only an eight-car field). Stevan Reffeltrath is now the second qualifier and will meet Sally Darleen Ekers in the quarter-finals. Christer Uhlin is now third and will meet David Vetterl in the quarter-final.

Oscar Scappocin
Stevan Reffeltrath Christer Uhlin

No changes in FIM Top Fuel Bike! Rikard Gustafsson, Mikko Rajaniemi & Stuart Crane remain in number one, two & three. Rikard improved his time to 5.922 seconds at 380 km/hr. Mikko & Stuart did not improve their times after today’s qualification rounds.

Rikard Gustafsson
Mikko Rajaniemi Stuart Crane

Small change for the FIM Super Twin Bike qualification list. Marcus Christiansen remains the top qualifier, but Martijn de Haas improved his time to 6.741 seconds and is now in the second position. Marko Lantto is now third with a 6.925-second run at 326 km/hr.

Marcus Christiansen
Martijn de Haas Marko Lantto

Jake Mechaell is now the top qualifier after four sessions in Super Street Bike. Yesterday, 7.9 seconds was good for the number one spot, but today, that would have given you the fifth position, as Jake Macheal raised the bar for this weekend with a 6.793-second run at 348 km/hr. Mathias Bohlin is now second with a 6.865-second run at 335 km/hr, and Alan Morrison is now third.

Jake Mechaell
Mathias Bohlin Alan Morrison

One of the highlights in Super Street Bike is Dutch Female driver Margot Schmidt. Margot is getting closer to the 7.0 seconds. Margot qualified ninth with a 7.159 at 314 km/hr, which is a personal best. Job well done!

Hereby the top 3 qualifiers of the classes on the 2nd day of ‘NOX’ (NitrOlympX) at the Hockenheim-ring, Germany.

Driver Make ET
Jndia Erbacher TF Dragster 3.936
Ida Zetterström TF Dragster 4.028
Susanne Callin TF Dragster 4.416
Driver Make ET
Sandro Bellio Chevrolet Monte Carlo 5.525
Johnny Oska 5.573
Tony Bryntesson TM Dragster 5.419
Driver Make ET
Anders Arnover 1967 Ford Mustang 5.863
David Vegter Chevrolet Camaro 5.866
Jan Ericcsson Chevrolet Camaro 5.906
Driver Make ET
Robin Norén Pontiac GTO 6.716
Stefan Ernryd Dodge Dart 6.755
Michael Malmgren Dodge Dart 6.836
Driver Make ET
Robin Sattler Dragster 8.880
Rene Ehrismann Chevrolet Bel air 1955 7.361
Michel Winter 1938 Chevrolet 7.148
Driver Make ET
Erich Mathis 7.900
Jens Könnecke 8.360
Christoph Burfeindt Chevrolet Nova 8.763
SUPER COMP SC (8.90 index)
Driver Make ET
Mats Amtzen Wanvik Dragster 8.958
Gerd Habermann Dragster 8.970
Oliver Krautberger Chevrolet Monte Carlo 8.995
Driver Make ET
Harald Geub Opel GT 10.352
Andreas Glanzmann Chevrolet Camaro 11.071
Maurice Heller Ford Mustang 10.747
SUPER GAS SG (9.90 Index)
Driver Make ET
Oscar Scapponi Chevrolet Nova 9.948
Christer Uhlin Ford Fairlane 10.067
Daniel Vetterl Chevrolet Nova 10.085
Driver Make Reaction Time
Eleanor Petzold JR Dragster 0.001
Sam Timmers JR Dragster 0.010
Nieve Deeve JR Dragster 0.014
Driver Make ET
Rikard Gustafsson TF Bike 5.922
Mikko Rajaniemi TF Bike 6.373
Stuart Crane TF Bike 6.562
Driver Make ET
Marcus Christiansen Super twin top fuel bike 6.347
Martijn de Haas Haas Brother bike 6.741
Marko Lantto 6.750
Driver Make ET
Martin Newbury 7.289
Bertrand Maurice 7.424
Charalampos Bousins 7.954
Driver Make ET
Karl-Hein Weikum Suzuki 1000 7.405
Thomas Joswig Funny Bike 8.354
Stefan Hagenstein Funny Bike 9.714
Driver Make ET
Jake Mechaell Suzuki Hayabusa 6.793
Mathias Bohlin Suzuki Hayabusa 6.821
Alan Morrison Suzuki Hayabusa 6.838
FIM E Junior Drag Bike
Driver Make Reaction Time
Brad Morrison JR drag Bike 0.032
Jaxon King JR drag Bike 0.050
Richard Willcox JR drag Bike 0.059

Stay tuned for the last day of the Nitrolympx weekend (elimination rounds!) We from The Chronicles of Boost want to wish all competing drivers good luck, but most of all, have fun!