Hockenheim-ring Germany 27th August 2023: It is Sunday, which means that it is time to race! Some teams had an easy night, and others were busy repairing or making the final modifications. The weather conditions remained the same as previous days, cloudy and dark. Besides a light rain shower during the midday break, it was dry, and the track was in good condition. As in previous days, Pro ET was the first category to go down, followed by the rest and the FIA/FIM classes. Spectators were thrilled by several close races in the sportsman classes. The icing on the cake was the side-by-side, three-second race between Ida Zetterstrom and Jndia Erbacher during the final race in Top Fuel. The 38th Nitrolympx winners for the FIA categories are Ida Zetterström  (TF), Johnny Oska (TM), Jan Eriksson (PM) & Michael Malmgren (PS). The FIM category winners are Eric Ricard (TFB), Marcus Christiansen (STB), Alan Morrison (SSB), Joerg Lymant D-Andendorf (PSB) & Geeuwke Siersema (JrDB).

Text: Benjamin Wefer
Pictures: Benjamin Wefer

Ida Zetterström takes the win home in Top Fuel Dragster (TF). Ida struggled the whole weekend to get her can into the three seconds, but the crew worked hard and got the right combination. She won from teammate Susanne Calling in the semi-finals with a stunning 3.962-second run at 409 km/hr. With a 0.112-second reaction time (0.178 for Callin), she was eager to take the price home. Ida met the top qualifier, Jndia Erbacher in the final. Ida, with a stunning 0.107-second reaction time on the tree (0.157-second), and both female drivers floor it and didn’t hold back. Ida won with a 3.925 second at 433 km/hr against 3.936 seconds at 502 km/hr for Jndia. With this win, Ida Zetterström also becomes the 2023 Champion in Top Fuel Dragster.

Jndia Erbacher Ida Zetterström

What a comeback for Johnny Oksa! After participating at Nitrolympx for the first time after several years of absence, the Finn takes the trophy home in Top Methanol (TM). Oska had a bye run in the quarter-finals and met Linn Floysvik in the half-final. Oska had a better reaction time (0.119 seconds against .120 for Linn), but Linn tried to close the gap. Oksa won with a 5.583 second at 415 km/hr against a 5.609 second at 411 for Linn. The final race was between Oksa and Sandro Bellio. Unfortunately, Sandro left too early at the tree (Red light) and gave the race away.

Johnny Oksa Sandro Bellio

Jan Eriksson takes the win in Pro Modified. Consistent into the five seconds, Jan managed to beat the competition and secure his lead in the championship (after three rounds, Jan was leading with 272 points). Top Qualifier Anders Arnover retired from the race, as he broke his car during the last run. The final race went between Eriksson and Roger Johanson. Excellent start for both of them (0.098 second reaction time for Eriksson), but Johansson lost traction halfway and needed to lift off the throttle and give the race away. Eriksson won with a 5.856-second run at 397 km/hr..

Roger Johansson Jan Eriksson

Michael Malmgren wins Nitrolympx in Pro Stock. Malmgren met Stefan Ernryd in the semi-final (Stefan left too early and gave the race away) and Met top qualifier Robin Norén in the final race. Malmgren was supersharp on the tree (0.003 second reaction time against 0.050 for Noren). Unfortunately, Norén suffered some fluid leak, which made him lose control of his car and make contact with the wall, end up crossing the center line, and lose the race.

Robin Norén Michael Malmgren

Super Gas [9.90 index] Stephan Blauwitz is the absolute winner in Super Gas. After eliminating top qualifier Oscar Scappocin in the quarter-final, Blauwitz defeated Christer Uhlin in the half-final. The final race went between Blauwitz and Marcus Himmler, but Himmler was no match for Blauwitz’s consistency.

Stephan Blauwitz Christer Uhlin

Eric Ricard wins Nitrolympx in Top Fuel Bike, with a holeshot win! Ricard was the man to beat during this weekend and met Dutch driver Rene van den Berg in the final race in a side-by-side run. Ricard crossed the finish line in 6.611 seconds at 326 km/hr (6.522 seconds for Rene) but had a better reaction time at the tree (0.051 seconds for Ricard) and won the race at the end.

Eric Ricard Rene van den Ber

Marcus Christians takes the trophy home in Super Twin Bike (STB). On his Birthday, Marcus managed to stay in front of the competition and won the Nitrolympx with a 6.590-second run at 345 km/hr. (The final race was between Christiansen and Marko Lanto. Marko crossed the finish line in 6.913 seconds at 345 km/hr).

Marcus Christians Marko Lanto

Alan Morrison wins Nitrolympx in Super Street Bike. Morrison (who qualified third) was consistently sharp at the tree during the elimination (Holeshot win against Mathias Bohlin in the quarter-final). The final race was between Morrison and Daniel Donat Lecses from Hungary. Morrison left the tree with a 0.124 reaction against 0.254 for Daniel. Morrison took the win with a 6.711 (quicker than top qualifier Jake – 6.793 second) second at 351 km/hr against Daniel, who crossed the finish line in 7.1 after struggling with traction.

Daniel Donat Lecses Alan Morrison

Geeuwke Siersema takes the win in Junior Drag Bike at Nitrolympx! Siersema was the boy to beat in the category, the Dutch rider had the right combination.

The 36th edition of the Nitrolympx is a fact!  We from The Chronicles of Boost want to congratulate all ‘NitrOlympX’ winners. To the rest of the racers, we want to say: Keep a positive mindset. Every journey is learning, and come back next time stronger to beat the competition! The next FIA round will be at Santapod Raceway (European Final).