The 2023 Deutscher Motor Sport Bund Drag Racing Pokal or Cup (DSMB DRP) has ended, with fewer races this year than usual (only three rounds instead of five. One in June, One in July, and one in August). There was no room for error! This year’s champions are Frank Romer, Maurice Heller, Gerd Habermann & Stephan Blauwitz.

Text Benjamin Wefer
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The Drag Racing Pokal (DRP) is currently the highest national format for Drag Racing in Germany. It is a cup presented by the German ASN (DMSB) and promoted by Deutscher Motorsport Verband or German Motorsport Association (DMV), which has a NAT status. Competitors with a DMSB license (NAT level B) or equivalent can register for the DRP and compete for the DRP cup. Registration is free of charge.

The 2023 championship consisted of two races in Clastres (21st & 22nd European Dragster), France, and one at Hockenheim-ring Germany (Nitrolympx) due to a lack of tracks/events in Germany with a NAT status. The classes currently included are Super Gas, Super Comp, Pro ET, Super Pro ET, ET Bike, and Super Comp Bike. Participants collect points during each round to win the cup.

One highlight of this season is Markus Welte, who surprised everyone in the Super Pro ET during the Nitrlympx Qualification with a 7.50-second run at 300 km/hr. One of the world’s fastest VW Golfs.

Markus Welte Markus Welte

Frank Romer is this year’s champion in Super Pro ET with a total of 117 points. Frank Qualified in fifth during the first round in Clastres and got eliminated in the quarter-final (52 accumulated points). He was the top qualifier in the second event but got eliminated in the first round, which only gave him 15 points. Frank had better luck in the final race at Nitrolympx, as he got into the half-finals in a close race against Alex Halter. Frank had a 0.008 reaction time (8.531-second run with an 8.55 dail-in), but Alex ran closer to his dail-in and took the win( 7.812 seconds at a 7.80 dail-in). The champion runner-up is Franz Aschenbrenner, who didn’t participate in the first championship round in Clastres but managed to collect enough points during the other two races. He ended up with 73 points. Alain Durr ended up in third place with 66 points.

Frank Römer
Franz Aschenbrenner Alain Durr

Maurice Heller is the 2023 Champion in Pro ET with 122 points. Maurice got eliminated in the quarter-finals in the first round at Clastres but accumulated 53 points during the weekend. Heller didn’t do well in the second round at Clastres as he got eliminated in the first elimination round (25 points accumulated). During the Nitrolympx weekend, he qualified in third place and gained 44 Points. It was sufficient to stay ahead of runner-up Gerd Haberman, who ended up with 118 points. Lucas Potthoff ended up in third place with 104 points.

Maurice Heller
Gerd Habermann Lucas Potthoff

Gerd Habermann is the 2023 champion in Supercomp with 204 points. Not only did Haberman win the DMSB cup in Supercomp, but also the French championship. The king of Supercomp was undefeated this year and showed this by running an 8.907 second in the quarter-final against Enrico Bailo (Habermann had a 0.084 reaction time vs. 0.099 for Enrico Bailo) at Hockenheim-ring (Nitrolympx and last round of the DMSB championship). The 2023 runner-up is Dutch driver Sam Weyland, with 76 points. Clement Dubois ended up in third place with 50 points (remarkable is that all three drivers had a podium spot in both championships due to the cross-border races).

Gerd Haberman
Sam Weyland Clement Dubois

Stephan Blauwitz is the 2023 champion in Supergas with 152 points! Blauwitz also won the French championship. Blauwitz didn’t participate in the first race, but managed to win the second and last race and had enough points to take the win. Oscar Scappocin is the 2023 runner-up with 110 points, and Daniel Vetterl is third with 102 points.

Stephan Blauwitz
Oscar Scappocin Daniel Vetterl

2023 was a short season for the DRP competitors, but still with a lot of excitement. All winners, runners-up, and third place of each class are now invited to the DMV Gala of Champions to receive their well-deserved trophy.

We from The Chronicles of Boost want to congratulate all “DRP” winners. To the rest of the racers, we want to say: Keep a positive mindset. Every journey is learning, and come back next time stronger to beat the competition!

See below a selection pictures from several races competing in the DRP.