Jaarbeurs Utrecht, 8th-10th July 2022

It’s been long overdue for one of Holland’s biggest indoor car shows that ever took place was Day 1 World of Cars. One of the biggest shows since before the pandemic and a approx. 50k visitors during the weekend after the pandemic.

This event had attendance from the best of the best in the car scene from cars from the Fast & Furious Franchise till the youngest motorhead. They held the vent in 3 indoor areas which one was a walk of fame for the elite car influencers and a outdoor area where they held drift demos.

They even featured a section with stretch out bikes like they use down in Curaçao and neighbor islands.

The event featured Dj Lafuente as headliner and party starter and even they had a million-euro car section from next level cars.

We witnessed a Onsight car wrapping happening on a Audi R8

Story & Pictures by Willem van Lamoen