JAPFEST Zandvoort Circuit 2020

Zandvoort Circuit, The Netherlands 26th July 2020: JAPFEST; Who needs more explanation? With lock-downs being removed from boarder countries, greenlight for car events in The Netherlands and Petrol Heads in need for speed where the right combination for a successful JAPFEST. Not forgetting a sunny summer temperature forecast for the Sunday, which contributed to a sold out JAPFEST. Text: Benjamin […]

Automaxx-Meet The Track TT Circuit 2020

Assen TT Circuit, The Netherlands 6 July 2020:  Automaxx-Meet The Track; a familiar name, at a familiar but refreshed track. An event which at first was a no visitors allowed due to covid-19 measures in The Netherlands, but was open for public just a couple of days before the start. A cloudy forecast that turned into a rainy weekend also […]