Behind The Steering Wheel of a Lexus UX300e

Groningen, The Netherlands 14th May 2021; Cross-over vehicles are still trending at the moment in Europe and with the regulations leaning to a greener society, the need and desire for electric cars increases vastly. Therefore, Lexus swapped the hybrid heart of their Urban Crossover for an even greener heart only two years after its initial release; And voilà, we present […]

Automotive History Month – Rockne Six Model “10”

  Beek en Donk, 4 April 2021; 90 years ago, Knute Rockne died in a plane crash. He was considered one of America’s best coaches in college football that ever lived. After his death, Car manufacturer Studebaker honor him by giving their subsidiary brand his Name; The Rockne Motor Corporation. Recently RVL Mobility B.V. imported one of the few 1933 Rockne six “10” ever made, […]

Wellness Behind The Steering Wheel of the Aiways U5

The Netherlands January 2021: AIWAYS, a young Chinese car manufacturer who recently establish themselves in the Netherlands and their first available model is the; U5. A fully electric SUV in the C-segment for the demanding European costumer, with the Chinese touch, passion and low price. First of all, thanks to ‘AIWAYS Distributie Nederland’ who provided us this beautiful ‘Gletsjer’ white […]

Dia di limpia pista

Saturday 23rd of January 2021 Curacao International Raceway Last weekend SBR invited the crews who had a space in the pits, to come out and clean it out. This in preparation of the upcoming events scheduled for 2021. [gard]     We could see many crews working on their grounds, cleaning and painting and even building some parts / expanding […]

Wellness Behind The Steering Wheel of a Volkswagen ID.3 1st Plus

Sittard, The Netherlands December 2020: Volkswagen is set to mark a new revolution with the ID.3. In order to achieve this Volkswagen is taking it back to the roots with their 1st ever fully electric car. A special thanks goes to Wealer Sittard who provided us an ID.3 1st edition for your delight! Text: Roley Richardson, Benjamin Wefer Picture: Benjamin […]


As is traditional at the end of a competitive Formula DRIFT season, everybody involved in the sport gets together to celebrate the winners and recognize the contributions made by people at every level. However, 2020 hasn’t been a traditional year. And so, for the very first time, Formula DRIFT will be holding a Virtual Awards Banquet and everybody is invited!

Wellness behind the steering wheel Lexus CT200H

The Netherlands September 2020: After being known for luxurious sedan (ES) & limousines (LS) for two decades, Lexus launched the pursuit of a city hatchback in 2010; The Lexus CT200h. A hatchback sitting on the same platform as the Prius, but with a unique body style, curves, all the luxury Lexus can provide, a unique driving style and to date […]